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Phoebe Tonkin is in need of a schnitzel. The 28-year-old actress has just arrived in Hamburg, Germany, and she is itching to try some local delicacies.”I haven’t had any super traditional German food yet, but I’m excited to try something they have called gluehwein, which I guess is a mulled wine?”

This is her first time in Germany. “It is beautiful here,” says the Australia native. “I didn’t really know much about it before I got here, and it was a really pleasant surprise. It is gorgeous.”

And lack of schnitzel be damned (for now, at least), she is doing her best to take in the local attractions. So far, she’s hit the Christmas market, gone on a tour of the Hamburg School of Ballet, and visited the famed Miniatur Wunderland, a museum of, well, miniature things.

“I was very surprised at how impressive it was. It is so detailed,” she says. ”It is really quite amazing. Basically, you walk through giant rooms and it is really detailed, tiny replicas of cities and historical events. You could just stare at something for fifteen minutes and you are still going to miss little details.”

And all of this one some very extreme jetlag; very early on Saturday morning, Tonkin had filmed her final scene for The Originals, The CW’s successful spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, which she has starred on since 2013. “It was a very emotional goodbye,” she says. “I don’t think I’ve totally digested it. It has been a really big opportunity for me, and I am so grateful for the last five years, but also really excited to see what is next. I think I’d like to take a little break, but also start to work on some different material or different type of role. I was fortunate enough to do this miniseries in Australia, which gave me the bug again to find smaller, interesting, edgier pieces.”

But first, the reason she’s in Hamburg in the first place: Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show.

The Metiers d’Art show marks Tonkin’s third Chanel show, her first, ironically being a recreation of a Salzburg-themed show held in New York. “It was obviously gorgeous,” she recalls. So gorgeous, in fact, that she completely missed a rare front row appearance by none other than Beyoncé. “I think I was so awestruck by everything around me —Pharrell and Cara Delevingne performed, and it was a very exciting moment for me—that she very well was there and I was just caught up in all the things that were happening.”

Tonkin likens attending a Chanel show to a “funny summer camp.” “You end up being in different countries around the world and seeing the same people,” she says. “Stella Maxwell is a good friend of mine, though she’s normally walking the show. There’s actually been a couple of times where I’ve been lent samples and seen her name in the tag. I always say it is a good luck charm if Stella has worn the dress already on the catwalk.”

For today’s event, Tonkin selects a tea-length black dress with silver embroidery, after a serious debate over a shorter, spanglier number. “I do like to keep options, but when both options are so good, it is not such an easy decision.” To match the dress, she styles her chin-length hair in loves waves, with a nude lip and subtle smoky eye. “I like to play music, and like to do a mask or use some funny gadgets,” Tonkin explains.

She’s all set — just no Gluehwein until the afterparty. “I try to keep the wine ’til afterwards, because then I will just end up sitting and chatting and listening to music for way too long and miss my car,” she explains.

And with that, auf wiedersehen.


The Sydney-born actress, and star of Smythson’s latest campaign film, Phoebe Tonkin, spends an inordinate amount travelling; from the set of The Originals to her hometown and back again, along with frequent trips to New York, Paris and LA. Phoebe tells us about her in-flight essentials, stealing Le Labo, and getting lost in London.

What’s the one thing you love about travel?
For me, travel is about experiencing other cultures – seeing the world, meeting new people. I just want to experience different things.

What are your number one in-flight essentials?
On the plane, I always take a Sisley miniature toner, an Evian facial spray, Nivea lip balm, and Bioderma Creatine H2O wipes for make-up remover. I also try to remember a cosy sweater – I’m currently loving Rouje. Their sweaters are really light but made with a good-quality wool.

If you are only travelling with one bag, what do you pack?
My number one would be a bottle of Evian water, so I don’t dehydrate. Probiotics from Kimberly Snyder: I love this brand, I usually order them online or try to pick up a few when I’m in LA and can stop by her store, GLO BIO. If I can’t get hold of any, I try to eat food that’s rich in probiotics like Sauerkraut and Kombucha. I always take my Nile Blue Smythson Passport Holder: it’s colourful, which is great…I hate getting to the front of the line and then suddenly rummaging through six million items – you need to be able to see it quickly. I like to take a face mask: a clear one that doesn’t make me look insane. Sisley’s Black Rose face mask is amazing and really hydrating. I also take my Shu Uemura eyelash curler pretty much everywhere I go.

I always pack a black Matteau Bikini, and I recently just stocked up in a bunch of gorgeous viscose shirts by Rouge. I rarely pack heels, I usually just pack a pair of Chanel ballet flats, Nike sneakers, and Ancient Greek Sandals. I am a blue jean junkie though I’m a blue jean junkie, so this trip I bought five pairs of Frame jeans with me to London…which, in hindsight, was probably a bit excessive.

What’s the one book you’d always turn to in transit?
Right now, I’m reading How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell, which I would highly recommend, and Walking Free by Munjed Al Muderis.

What’s the one Smythson item you won’t travel without?
My current carry-on is the Smythson Burlington Backpack: as long as you can fit a laptop, your passport, a wallet and a few toiletry items in a bag, you’re all good—I always try my best to avoid checking luggage.

What’s the one thing you like to eat on the plane?
I try not to eat on the plane but, if I do, I don’t eat the plane food and usually rely on a stop-over to get a rice salad that I can take away. They’re good because, even if you don’t eat it for a few hours, it doesn’t go bad.

What is your one must-have in a hotel?
When I’m booking a hotel I always check to see if they have a steam room, because I love to get off the plane and just sit in it for as long as I can. The Greenwich Hotel in NYC has an amazing indoor pool and a great sauna and steam room, but in LA I like to go to a place called Sweatheory where they have infrared saunas. Sometimes If my hotel has a bath tub, I will swing by the chemist and grab a big bag of Epsom Salts and try to de-bloat from the plane.

What’s the number one process for curing jet-lag?
I’ll often get jet lag when I travel long distance, it always comes to me at about 2am in the morning, and I can’t get back to sleep for about three hours which has been happening since I got to London for the Smythson campaign shoot. I think the trick is not to stress out about it. I always leave my book next to my bed so I’m not lying there going insane and can read for a bit.

When I land home I immediately take all my luggage out and put it to be cleaned – I love Jessica Alba’s line, the Honest Company. I have used her laundry detergent for years now. I hate getting home and having piles of washing to do when you’re already tired and try to get it done as soon as possible. I don’t really wear a lot of tailored things so I don’t necessarily need to hang up all my clothes – I mainly wear silks or linen so they don’t need to be pressed. My favourite brand right now is Protagonist. They just came out with a whole collection of silk slip dresses in the dreamiest colours that are super light and easy to pack.

I also have a really long shower and wash my hair to try and get the plane grim off. I am obsessed with Christophe Robin. Nothing I have ever used before has made such a drastic improvement to my hair. I love the antioxidant Shampoo and Conditioner and the Rose Volumising Mist. And the chestnut hair mask is life-changing. For Body wash I love Dr. Bronner in Hemp. I usually buy jojoba oil at the local Whole Foods or something, as I am petrified of leaving it in my bag and it accidentally spilling.

How would you spend one day in London?
Whenever I get to a new city I like to walk around, stretch my legs and get lost. Last time I was in London it was only for 24 hours, so I have a bit longer this time. We’re currently staying at The Edition Hotel, and everything in the room is by Le Labo; I love how the products smell, so I’ve been taking their body moisturisers for the plane. The night that we arrived we were in the mood for sushi (whenever I land off the plane I’m always in the mood for a healthy dinner – something rich in greens and nutritious), so we went to Roka. I also always try and have a glass of red wine that first night, to help me fall asleep.

How would you spend one day in your home city, Sydney…
If I had to pick my number one city, it would be Sydney. I suppose I have to say that, but I also genuinely believe it. I’d recommend having dinner at Fratelli’s, everything is great there, and it’s very reasonably priced. The Boathouse at Balmoral Beach is perfect for breakfast, and you should go to Icebergs Bar for a cocktail: my signature drink is an Old Fashioned, although I’m not actually that fussed about where I drink it – I recently bought all the ingredients to make it at home. For a very traditional Australian thing to do, I’d also recommend just buying a bottle of Chardonnay and finding a random grassy knoll to drink it in!

What’s the one restaurant you always try to visit in New York and LA?
Whenever I visit New York, I make sure I have breakfast at Gemma under the Bowery Hotel. It’s so old. I love that hotel, and love rolling down and getting eggs, a juice and a coffee in the morning. The ABC Kitchen is great for dinner: have the ricotta and butternut squash toast. In LA, I like Cafe Gratitude for brunch – they have amazing pancakes and muffins, which are not that healthy, but very good.


Smythson, the legacy brand known for being the purveyors of chic passport covers and impeccable stationary for glamorous women of a certain age, wants millennials to know there’s more to them than meets the eye. And so begins Smythson’s journey to the wild side, the brand’s new travel campaign featuring the actress and model Phoebe Tonkin, playing Alice while venturing through London’s eclectic streets like a real-life Wonderland, as she makes her way to Buckingham Palace.

A “professional Cinderella,” as she describes herself on her Instagram bio to her 4.3 million followers, Tonkin’s life definitely has the touch of a fairy tale.“I’m such a visual person, I’m really drawn to photography and art and so I really use [Instagram] as a collage,” Tonkin tells Refinery29. “I was like the queen of collaging all my books and my bedroom walls and other people’s books at school. I kind-of see it as an extension, the grown up version of collaging.”

And when the The Originals actress isn’t sharing paintings, artfully-staged selfies and the books that she’s reading, filtered through Juno or Lark (her favorite filters), it turns out, she’s just like the rest of us, using the app to score her latest clothing purchases. “There’s a couple of cool vintage places that I like: a New Zealand brand called Paris Georgia” that stocks curated vintage pieces, and a jeweler, Baga Tibi that Tonkin was inspired to shop after she noticed a bunch of people that she follows photographing it. Sigh, popular Instagrammers, they’re just like us! “I don’t really shop in the stores so it’s definitely my way to find out new brands and labels.”

“I’m really lucky, a lot of my best friends are really fashionable,” she continued, “my best friend, Ilona Hamer, is a stylist and is probably the most fashionable person I know so I always go to her Instagram for inspiration. Her and my other friend Alex [Nataf] have a magazine called Unconditional ,[and] they always feature really cool girls on their Instagram as well so I kind of get into a little vortex of clicking on someone and finding someone else.” Her Instagram also played a role in her latest turn in front of the Smythson camera.

“Funnily enough, I was following this stylist, Valentine Fillol Cordier, on Instagram for like a year or two because I just thought she was so beautiful, French and cool! [Then] they told me that she was the one styling the campaign I was like oh it’s cosmic, it’s meant to be.”


When The Originals returns for its fifth and final season in 2018, things will be a bit different: the series will pick up eight years later, and things are as complicated as ever.

“[The family is] still apart, because they can’t be together,” executive producer Julie Plec told TV Insider at San Digeo Comic-Con. “Hope is 15 years old in the boarding school. Hayley is now the mother of the alien-like child who is misbehaving; [Hope] misses her dad, and her dad is off trotting the globe, murdering people and being at his nastiest and most wicked. Elijah is playing the piano in France, having absolutely no idea his entire family of a thousand years is out there looking for him and wondering about him.”

And while there is relative peace in New Orleans when The Originals returns, Plec teases, “Of course, everything is going to start going terribly wrong, because that’s just what we do.”

Plec and The Originals cast—including Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley), Charles Michael Davis (Marcel), Yusuf Gatewood (Vincent), and Riley Voelkel (Freya)—reflect on saying goodbye, final season wishes, and more.


With one season left, The Originals is jumping ahead eight years to see a teenage Hope and a Klaus that’s “gone crazy” without his family, according to Joseph Morgan.

Morgan — along with costars Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel, and Yusuf Gatewood — joined showrunner Julie Plec in EW’s Comic-Con suite to talk all about season 5, from Klaus killing “loads of people” to the fact that Hope will have a boy in her life now that she’s 15.

Speaking of boys, Plec reveals that “Hayley’s got a friend with benefits,” she says.”Hayley’s getting some.” (Specifically, that man’s name is Declan and he’s Irish.)

In terms of timeline, Plec reveals the entire season will take place during Mardi Gras, “from kickoff to the Jesus bits,” as she puts it.

And it all begins when season 5 premieres in 2018. Watch the interview above.