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If you may remember, last month I made a post about how we were re-organizing the gallery. We are still in the process of fine tuning things; however, we have made huge improvements and additions to the gallery. And everything that needed to be moved to new categories have been moved. Please enjoy the 1000s of new pictures we’ve added between screencaptures, behind the scenes photos, and social media photos.

We have also made some changes to the photoshoots section. It is now called Photo Sessions, and we have separated them into 3 categories: Ads & Campaigns, Photoshoots, and Portraits.

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to make a quick announcement – we are moving a few things around in the gallery. This is going to be a fairly long process, so if there’s something you cannot locate, please feel free to contact us on Twitter or Instagram and we will be glad to help you out!

Today is Phoebe’s 33rd birthday! Be sure to wish her happy birthday on her social medias! And as per tradition, here is our yearly birthday edit:

Boxing tents toured Australia’s small towns from the early 1900s until the 1970s, and were venues where professional fighters faced off against local challengers. The troupes criss-crossed the outback, boasted a carnival-like atmosphere and were places where Indigenous fighters could become heroes.

Penned by writers John Brumpton and Stephen Cleary, the story involves a washed-up Irish boxer named Kid Snow who is finally given a chance to redeem himself when he is offered a rematch against the man he fought a decade prior, on a night that changed his life forever. When Kid Snow meets single mother Sunny, he is forced to contemplate a future beyond boxing.

The cast is headed by U.K. actors Billy Howle and Tom Bateman, and Australian actor Phoebe Tonkin (“Tomorrow, When the War Began” and TV series “H2O: Just Add Water,” “Bloom,” “Westworld”). Howle’s feature credits include “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” “Outlaw King” and “On Chesil Beach.” Bateman’s include “Thirteen Lives,” “Death on the Nile” and “Murder on the Orient Express,” as well as recent Netflix series “Behind Her Eyes.”