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The first teaser for Bloom is here! Previously posted, I hope you all got to see it. Definitely some interesting stuff they are setting up for the new season. Hopefully, this means we will be getting a release date very soon! For now, enjoy some screencaps from the teaser trailer.

Stan original series Bloom was certainly a stand-out in 2019, so it’s no wonder that a second season was announced to be in production back in November.

The first series was based on a “mysterious plant with luminous berries that offered a second chance to return to your prime. While it proved miraculous for some, others were corrupted and fought to possess it.”

Now, a teaser for the second season has been unveiled, and while popular actor Ryan Corr is not returning, the core cast of Bryan Brown (Peter Rabbit), Jackie Weaver (Animal Kingdom) and Phoebe Tonkin (The Originals) are back.

According to the official synopsis; season two begins after some time has passed and news of the miracle has spread.

“This time around the plant itself has transformed and the experience and its side effects are far more severe,” a statement from Stan read.

“With the town’s secret having leaked, Anne Carter (Jacqueline McKenzie) – the former CEO of a biotech company – arrives in Mullan with her young daughter and her friend’s teenage son, Luke (Ed Oxenbould), for a tree-change. But it’s only her cover story. John Melvin (Toby Schmitz), the troubled new priest is trying hard to rally faith and is desperate for a miracle from God. While beloved former actress, Gwen Reed (Jacki Weaver/Phoebe Tonkin), has cheated death once again, but at what cost? As news of a “second generation” plant emerges, a battle between nature, science, and faith erupts.”

Joining the cast for season two is a mix of rising stars and Australian screen legends including Jacqueline McKenzie (Stan Original Series Romper Stomper), Gary Sweet (House Husbands), Bella Heathcote (Strange Angel), Toby Schmitz (Black Sails), Jackson Heywood (Home and Away) and Ed Oxenbould (Puberty Blues) – plus returning to the series, Genevieve Morris (Stan Original Series No Activity), John Stanton (The Doctor Blake Mysteries) and Anne Charleston (Neighbours).

Powerhouse Tones & I’s version of ‘Forever Young’ from Triple J’s ‘Like A Version’ is the haunting song over the new teaser and it sets the tone for what is going to be an incredible second season.

All episodes of the Stan Original Series Bloom Season 2 coming soon to Stan.


Phoebe was interviewed for the 15th issue of 10 Australia. A photograph of the article was posted on instagram, I have typed it up for all of you to better read it. Enjoy!

Phoebe Tonkin Talks Activism, Acting⁠—And Loving ‘Fleabag’

Interviewed by those who know her best, including friends.

Phoebe Tonkin is a woman with a conscience—and a good friend.

“I’m really lucky that I have some beautiful, wonderful friends and we support each other, and I can’t imagine a world in which we wouldn’t,” Tonkin says. “My friends are a really strong, feisty, supportive, goal-oriented and balanced group of women. They all collectively inspire me in different ways.”

Environmental activism is one of those ways, and it isn’t always easy. Tonkin had to learn pages and pages of dry facts and figures when campaigning with her friend and fellow actor Carson Meyer to encourage the Californian congress to ban an agricultural pesticide that can make children sick. But her efforts paid off, and the chemical was banned.

Tonkin has also worked with the Climate Council, and uses her 5.4 million-strong following on Instagram to spread crucial information on climate change and green activism.

“We are in a climate crisis right now, and there isn’t enough being done,” she says. “It’s too late for small changes—we need to look at bigger ways to make a difference, like pressuring banks to stop investing in coal mines.”