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Phoebe as Cleo Sertori

Episode Guides: Season One, Season Two, Season Three
Created by: Jonathan M. Shiff
Original Network: Network Ten
Number of Episodes: 78
Production year: 2006-2010
Original release: July 7, 2006 – April 16, 2010
Running time: 23 minutes
Other cast: Cariba Heine, Angus McLaren
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Teenagers always feel different, but these three Australian girls really are different; they’re mermaids! Trying to keep their special powers a secret is hard for Emma, Rikki and Cleo. When they’re not in school they’re using their magical powers to save sea turtles and rescue those in need. Local bully Zane and popular snob Miriam don’t make it easy on the girls to keep their adventures hidden.

trivia & facts

⦁ The actresses would put full cream milk in their eyes to help them keep their eyes open underwater.
⦁ Before they were able to swim with the tails on, they had to go through a rigorous training process to get their bodies ready for the extra weight.
⦁ Only two seasons with a total of 52 episodes were originally planned but, due to popular demand, a third and final season was filmed. Phoebe and Cariba are the only two actresses to appear in every episode.
⦁ Phoebe and Claire Holt both went on to appear in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals, sharing many scenes in the latter.
⦁ Phoebe and Cariba both appeared in the disaster film Bait.
⦁ While the two did not share screentime, both Phoebe and Angus McLaren went on to appear in Packed to the Rafters and Bloom.
⦁ Andrew Lees appears in season 3 as a potential love interest and accidental foil to Phoebe’s Cleo. Coincidentally, he also appeared in season 3 of The Originals with Phoebe and Claire.
⦁ Luke Mitchell appears in season 3. His wife, Rebecca Breeds, appeared in season 3 of The Originals with Phoebe and Claire.