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Phoebe as Gwen Reed

Episode Guide: Season One, Season Two
Created by: Glen Dolman
Original Network: Stan
Number of Episodes: 6
Production year: 2018
Original release: January 1, 2019
Running time: 1 hour
Other cast: Ryan Corr, Jacki Weaver, and Bryan Brown
Misc: IMDB

A year after a devastating flood has killed five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears. The plant’s phenomenal ability to restore youth is so formidable that attempting to harness it means re-evaluating values.

trivia & facts

⦁ Although they play the same character at different ages, Phoebe is eight inches taller than Jacki Weaver.
⦁ Phoebe and Ryan Corr both appeared in the series Packed to the Rafters, though their screen time never overlapped.
⦁ While Phoebe shares no scenes with Angus McLaren in this production, the two previously worked together on H2O: Just Add Water where he played her love interest, Lewis. She also appeared on his series Packed to the Rafters.
⦁ In an interview, Phoebe revealed she related to her character’s desire to have a child.
⦁ Phoebe’s roommate and friend, Bella Heathcote, joined the cast for the second season.
⦁ Phoebe previously worked with Jacqueline McKenzie on Safe Harbour.