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Showbiz Junkies: Phoebe Tonkin Interview – ‘The Originals’ Season 3, the Pack, and Klaus

Although The Originals fans are aching for news on the relationship between Hayley and Klaus, Phoebe Tonkin says Hayley’s main concern has never been her love life. “I don’t think Hayley’s priority is or ever has been her love life. Hayley, all she ever wanted was family and even if it happened in a quite unusual situation by getting pregnant and having her child she finally got the one thing that she’s wanted her whole life which is that – which is family. So really Hope is the only important thing in her life right now,” said Tonkin during our interview at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con.

That said, Tonkin isn’t ruling out a Klaus and Hayley relationship in the future. “I just think it has to happen in an organic way. I don’t think right now it makes sense for Hayley and Klaus to be together through so much and Klaus has done some really awful things to Hayley,” explained Tonkin. “This show hopefully will be on for a long time and we can really tell stories and not just throw out storylines to appease people. The payoff needs to be worth it at the end. Whether that’s with Elijah or Jackson or Klaus, we’ll see.”

Season three’s been described as a reboot, and Tonkin agrees with that assessment. “Season two was definitely about family which can create kind of a bit of a restriction in the dynamics whereas this season we’re introducing all of these new characters [who]are unrelated to most of our characters which creates different dynamics, whether it’s romantic or physical or violent. It’s not just about siblings and the behavior between them. So, I think it’s going to create some really interesting love triangles, some really interesting alliances between people, and people are going to play people in different ways. Besides the Mikaelsons, no one is tied in any way. Whereas with siblings, they all have this bond. So you have all these new players – they have no ties to the originals. So, either they are foe or friend. That’s what I think is going to be really different about this next season.”

Tonkin’s also hopeful that the audience will get to see more of Hayley’s backstory, although she isn’t sure it’ll happen in season three. “I think so. That’s what’s been promised. There’s so many detailed descriptions of Hayley’s childhood, and I think that they’re there for a reason otherwise they wouldn’t be there. I think the intention has always been to have a long-running show and so I don’t think, hopefully, that the writers are in a rush to tell that story. But I do think it’s a story that will be told and needs to be told. I think the planting of little things about her being adopted and the way that she turned is a little suspicious. Was that really the way that she turned or was there something weirder and darker that happened? So I think that’s something that they do have up their sleeves and they have ideas for. I don’t know if it will be this season that it plays out.”

Tonkin also provided details on the status of the pack in the upcoming season. “Where we kind of find Hayley and the pack in the beginning of the third season, once a month they are human. Elijah has been coming to Hayley every full moon and bringing Hope, bringing clothes, filling her in on what’s been happening in New Orleans and in the compound, and with Klaus and everything. That’s kind of her one not ‘human’ tie…but you know what I mean. Her tie with the outside world. I do think the pack in their wolf form has been getting closer and stronger, and learning to kind of be who they are a little bit. But I do think that when they eventually become human, that’s going to follow them – that kind of animalistic mentality. I think they’re going to be a little bit more feral which I think is really cool. If you’re stuck as a werewolf for months on end and you’re only human once, you end up becoming what you are mentally. You’re living in the woods and you’re not showering. You’re having to find dinner. So, yeah, I think that’s going to be really cool,” said Tonkin.

Published July 22, 2015
by Rebecca Murray