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Here you will find an archive of interviews that Phoebe has given throughout the years. If you click on the links below, you will be taken to the year of your choice. To access the articles, just click on the title.

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Jan 14th Film Ink Breaking Out With Furlough
Feb 27th Green Living Mag Phoebe Shares the Inspiration Behind Her New Sustainable Brand, LESJOUR!


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Feb 15th Elle Australia Phoebe Tonkin Talks Activism, Acting⁠—And Loving ‘Fleabag’
Mar 17th Phoebe Tonkin Told Me How She’s Spending Self-Isolation
Mar 21st Stellar Magazine Phoebe Tonkin’s Iconic New Role
Apr 8th MamaMia A New Season of Stan’s Bloom is Here with a Dark Twist
Apr 10th Bloom Cast Admits a Second Installment Could’ve ‘Easily Blown’ the Magic
Apr 18th MamaMia The Bloom Cast Share What it Takes to Make Australia’s Most Compelling Drama
April The Bloom Cast On Their Characters’ Dilemmas
April Rose Inc. Distancing Diaries: Phoebe Tonkin
May 23rd Syd Morning Herald The Famous Friend Who Approves Phoebe Tonkin’s Fashion Purchases
Oct 29th Who What Wear Actress Phoebe Tonkin Launches Loungewear Brand
Oct 29th Harper’s Bazaar Phoebe Tonkin Launches Lesjour!, A Fashion Brand Born In The Era Of Biz-Leisure
Oct 29th LA Times This Actress Used Quarantine To Create A Line Of Next-Level Loungewear
Oct 29th The Zero Report Phoebe Tonkin Is Tired Of Living In Sweatpants


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Jan 2nd PopSugar Phoebe on Stan’s New Show Bloom: “It’s Very Bold for Australian Drama”
February Matteau Muse Phoebe Tonkin: The Original Matteau Muse
April Green + Simple Phoebe on Politics, Feminism, & Everyday Activism
May 16th W Magazine Phoebe Felt “Pure Joy” Walking in Her First Ever Fashion Show
July 25th Harper’s Bazaar Phoebe Talks to Harper’s Bazaar about Chanel, Social Media, & More
Aug 14th InStyle Australia Phoebe Tonkin On Her Most Daring Professional Move To Date
Oct 23rd SMagazine Deep Dive: Phoebe Tonkin Shines in Chanel’s Cruise 2020 Collection
Nov 10th Grazia France Phoebe: “It’s Satisfying To Do Something You Really Believe In”


Published Publication Article
Feb 1st Vogue Australia Phoebe on Kicking Career Goals and Australia Fashion
Mar 2nd MSN Phoebe Tonkin Comes Home for SBS Thriller
Mar 2nd The Australian ‘Safe Harbour’: Asylum-Seeker Issues Explored in New SBS Drama Series
Mar 2nd Drama Quarterly Glendyn Ivin Praises Phoebe’s ‘Safe Harbour’ Performance
Mar 14th Now to Love Phoebe Chats Swapping Vampires for Aussie Dramas
Mar 7th The Herald Sun This Week Everybody’s Talking About…Phoebe Tonkin
Mar 23rd Syd Morning Herald Why Phoebe Tonkin Came Home for her Latest Role
May 11th Jenni Kayne Phoebe Tonkin Finds Her Uniform
May 31st EW Phoebe on Hayley’s Shocking Decision in ‘The Originals’
June 4th TV Guide Phoebe Tonkin Talks Hayley’s Death and Legacies Spin-Off
Dec 26th Mama Mia ‘Bloom’ Stars Share the Secret Behind their Enthralling New Show
Dec 27th ITV News Bloom on Stan: Ryan Corr and Phoebe Tonkin Interview
Dec 27th Syd Morning Herald The ‘Bloom’ Cast on Stan’s ‘gothic fairytale’
Dec 28th TV Tonight Why Bloom Would Never be Made for Free to Air TV


Published Publication Article
Jan 13th Phoebe Tonkin Named The Face of the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo
Jan 20th EW Vampire Diaries – Phoebe Tonkin Remembers Hayley’s Introduction
Jan 22nd Harper’s Bazaar Phoebe Talks About Life On-Set, Books and Living Abroad
Mar 17th Elle Australia Phoebe Tonkin’s Photo Diary from Paris Women’s Rights Rally
Mar 30th TVLine ‘The Originals’ Season 4: Are Hayley and Elijah Putting Their Romance on Hold?
Mar 31st EW ‘The Originals’ Phoebe Talks the New Big Bad, Hayley and Elijah’s Future
Mar 31st Collider ‘The Originals’ Phoebe on Haylope’s Relationship and a Dangerous New Threat
Mar 31st ScreenerTV Phoebe on how Hayley has Grown, Klaus the Dad and the New Big Bad
Apr 17th Byrdie Getting Ready With Phoebe Tonkin
Apr 20th Coveteur Phoebe on Spending a Day with Gabrielle Chanel
July 11th Elle Australia How Phoebe Tonkin Gets Back Her Glow After A Long-Haul Flight
July 23rd Who What Wear There’s a Reason Every Australian Girl Is Obsessed With Phoebe Tonkin’s Style
Sept 5th Refinery29 How Phoebe Tonkin Became A “Professional Cinderella”
Sept 11th Smythson Travelling with Phoebe Tonkin
Oct 16th Harper’s Bazaar How Phoebe Tonkin Packs her Suitcase for a Trip
Dec 6th W Magazine Phoebe on Sharing Clothes with Friends, and Saying Goodbye to ‘The Originals’


Published Publication Article
Jan 29th ET ‘The Originals’ Star Reacts to [SPOILER]’s Death & Hayley’s Romantic Future
Mar 3rd Russh Homegrown – Phoebe Tonkin
Mar 11th Byrdie Phoebe Tonkin Beauty Secrets
May 3rd Frame Phoebe Tonkin Story
May 26th TVLine Phoebe Tonkin Ponders Hayley’s Season 4 Journey, Guesses Hope’s First Word
May 26th Harper’s Bazaar Phoebe Tonkin – Morning Glory
May 26th Vogue Australia Phoebe Tonkin on Why She Returned to Modeling for Matteau
June 27th Vogue Australia Phoebe Tonkin on What It’s Really Like to Work in Television
July 11th Movie Pilot 9 Things You May Not Know About Phoebe Tonkin
July 28th Skin Care Edit My Regime – Phoebe Tonkin
Aug 25th Showbiz Junkies ‘The Originals’ Season 4 and Hayley’s Relationships
Sept 25th Violet Grey Getting Ready with Phoebe Tonkin


Published Publication Article
Feb 10th Coveteur Phoebe Tonkin Pictures
Feb 13th Vogue Australia Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer in Conversation – Friendship, Career and More
Mar 2nd Elle Canada Not Your Ordinary Girl – Phoebe Tonkin
Mar 6th WetPaint Phoebe Tonkin Covers Elle Australia, Talks “Biggest Fear”
June 25th I Quit Sugar Phoebe Tonkin + Teresa Palmer: “Drink water, eat Vegemite and take placenta pills.”
July 22nd Showbiz Junkies Phoebe Tonkin Interview – ‘The Originals’ Season 3, the Pack, and Klaus
Aug 17th Elle Australia Phoebe Tonkin the First ‘Woman in Motion’ for Witchery Balance
Sept 8th TVLine ‘The Originals’ Season 3: Klayley’s ‘Furious’ Confrontation
Sept 13th PopSugar My Day on a Plate – Phoebe Tonkin
Oct 22nd MTV Phoebe Tonkin is the Taylor Swift-Obsessed Best Friend We All Need
Nov 12th Fanbolt ‘The Originals’ Stars on What’s Ahead for Klayley
Nov 12th People ‘The Originals’ Phoebe Tonkin Talks Possible Vampire Diaries Crossover
Nov 12th TVLine The Originals’ Phoebe Tonkin Recalls ‘Exhausting’ 14-Hour Fight With Klaus
Nov 30th Highbrow Phoebe Tonkin Holiday Editorial
Dec 23rd ET Phoebe Tonkin Describes Haylijah’s Relationship ‘in a Perfect World’


Published Publication Article
Jan 7th Eat Beautiful Inspire Interview – Hollywood Starlets Teresa Palmer & Phoebe Tonkin
Jan 14th Zap2it ‘The Originals’ Cast Reveals How ‘Casket Girls’ is All about Girl Power
Feb 19th GQ Phoebe Tonkin Interview
May 20th TVLine ‘The Originals’ Stars Tease Esther’s Revenge, ‘Uneasy’ New Alliances & More
July 30th PopSugar ‘The Originals’ Sounds Like Hayley Will Be Getting Closer to Klaus Than Elijah
July 30th Collider Phoebe Talks ‘The Originals’, Hayley’s Mental State, Her Relationships, & More
Aug 19th Just Jared Jr Phoebe Tonkin Is Under The ‘Influence’ In Fashion Feature
Sept 27th Sunday Telegraph Unzipped – Phoebe Tonkin Admits the Fashion Crowd Still Intimidates Her
Oct 6th TVLine ‘The Originals’ Season 2 – Phoebe Tonkin on Hope’s Return, Hayley’s New Ally
Oct 6th EW ‘The Originals’ Post-Mortem – Phoebe Tonkin Talks Twists
Nov 24th Access Phoebe Tonkin – Hayley Is ‘Torn’ Over Her Feelings For Elijah On ‘The Originals’
Nov 25th Zap2it See Hayley and Klaus reunite with Baby Hope in ‘The Originals’ Fall Finale Photos
Dec 18th i-D 10 Things You Should Know About Phoebe Tonkin


Published Publication Article
Jan 7th StartupSmart The Art of Zen Living, Hollywood Style
Feb 15th Pages Digital Adidas with Phoebe Tonkin
Feb 15th TheVine Phoebe Tonkin: “I’ll Always Be a Good Girl.”
Feb 21st Grazia Five minutes with… Phoebe Tonkin
Feb 26th You Are Not Ilona Her Garden of Earthly Delights
Feb 28th PopSugar Five Fab Minutes With Phoebe Tonkin
Apr 11th Vogue Phoebe Tonkin Talks to Kym Ellery about her Spring/Summer ’13/’14 Collection
Apr 16th Daily Life The Phoebe Tonkin Interview
Apr 25th Zap2it ‘The Originals’ star Phoebe Tonkin Talks Shocking Twist with Hayley and Klaus
July Russh Acquainted – Phoebe Tonkin
July 2nd IGN Phoebe Tonkin on Hayley’s Next Move on ‘the Vampire Diaries’ Spinoff
Aug 29th Showbiz Junkies Phoebe Tonkin Talks About ‘The Originals’
September Aritzia Magazine Phoebe Tonkin Interview
September Into the Gloss The Top Shelf / Phoebe Tonkin, Actress
Sept 30th ET How ‘The Originals’ Reboots Hayley For Fans
Oct 3rd Complex ‘The Originals’ Star Phoebe Tonkin Talks Her Love of ’90s Rap Music
Nov 4th Just Jared Jr ‘The Originals’ Interview: Phoebe Tonkin on Elijah’s Desire to Protect Hayley, & More
Nov 26th Zap2it ‘The Originals’ Cast Talks Hayley’s History, her Bond with Elijah, and More
Dec 27th PopSugar Celebrity Fitness – Phoebe Tonkin on Ballerina Arms, Guilt-Free Snacking & More


Published Publication Article
Feb 2nd Zap2it ‘Secret Circle’ stars Phoebe Tonkin and Shelley Hennig talk ‘Fayana’ Phenomenon
Feb 9th Zap2it ‘The Secret Circle’ Valentine’s Day madness: Romance in all the wrong places
Mar 15th Huffington Post ‘Secret Circle’: Cast Previews Parental Problems And New Romance During Set Visit
Mar 22nd Zap2it ‘The Secret Circle’ star: Will Faye, Diana, and the Circle turn on Cassie?
Mar 22nd Phoebe on American Accents, Australian Obscurity, & the Faye Situation
Mar 22nd TVLine ‘Secret Circle’s’ Phoebe Talks Faye’s New Foe and the Curse That Will Kill [Spoiler]
Apr 12th Daily Fig ‘The Secret Circle’s’ Phoebe Tonkin Answers YOUR Questions!
Aug 27th PopSugar Real Beauty: 5 Minutes With Phoebe Tonkin
Sept 6th PopSugar Phoebe Tonkin on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and Finding Her Feet in Hollywood
Sept 17th AXS Actress Phoebe Tonkin swims with supermarket sharks in ‘Bait 3D’
Oct 25th Zap2it Phoebe on her ‘Vampire Diaries’ debut: Hayley and Tyler have ‘a very close bond’
Oct 25th Phoebe on Her Old Gig, Her New Gig, and Already Knowing the Coolest Girl
Oct 25th Hollywood Reporter ‘Vampire Diaries’: Phoebe Teases Hayley’s Threatening Presence in Mystic Falls
Oct 25th Movie Hole Phoebe Tonkin on ‘The Vampire Diaries’
Nov 8th E! News ‘Vampire Diaries’ Newcomer Phoebe Tonkin Dishes on New Love Triangle and More!
Nov 15th Vogue Taking five with Bella Heathcote and Phoebe Tonkin
Nov 17th Just Jared Jr. Phoebe Tonkin & Teresa Palmer Talk ‘YourZenLife’ in InStyle Australia
Dec 2nd Kate Waterhouse Date with Kate – Phoebe Tonkin


Published Publication Article
Unknown Cleo Magazine Starstruck
May 16th Bambini Talent Interview with Phoebe Tonkin
Aug 8th KSiteTV The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin Is No Ordinary Girl
Sept 8th Nylon Meet the Bad Girl Witch on the Secret Circle!
Sept 13th Hollywood Life The Secret Circle Star Reveals Who Her Bad Girl Inspiration is for Faye!
Sept 15th Cambio Does Phoebe Tonkin Enjoy Playing the Bad Girl?
Sept 21st TVGuide Meet Phoebe Tonkin, The Secret Circle’s Bad Girl
Sept 29th Zap2it The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin: Just How Bad is Faye?
Oct 5th Seventeen Get to Know The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin
Oct 13th KSiteTV Secret Circle Interviews, Part 4: Phoebe Tonkin!
October Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Portfolio
Nov 10th Teen Vogue Interview with the Cast of The Secret Circle
November Glamour Pretty in Pink
December Sunday Telegraph Phoebe Casts a Spell on Us
Dec 29th E! Online 2011 Breakout TV Stars: The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin Bares All


Published Publication Article
June TV Week Stars of Tomorrow
August Film Ink Home Territory
August Girlfriend Magazine War Zone
August InStyle Australia To Spain with Love
August TV Hits Let the Battle Begin
August TV Week War Stories
August Who Magazine The Stars of Tomorrow
August Young Hot Famous Tomorrow, When the War Began Cast
Aug 25th LipMag Tomorrow, When the War Began Interview
Aug 25th Phoebe & Deniz Tomorrow, When the War Began Interview
Aug 27th Tomorrow, When the War Began Q&A: Phoebe Tonkin and Deniz Akdeniz