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We have a gorgeous new gallery theme thanks to Margos. Hope you all love it!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to announce a slight change to our gallery. Now, when you click on a thumbnail, you will be able to save full size images without having to click again to open it/pop it up. If you have any questions, you can send a tweet to our twitter. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hello! I meant to get this post done on our actual anniversary (May 28th); however, unforeseen complications came up. I’m very excited that we’ve reached our second year of being online. I still remember being so excited and nervous about opening this site, and honestly, it’s been so much fun to run. Here’s to another fantastic year of Phoebe!

This has nothing to do Phoebe (obviously). 😉 But I have updated our rules and requirements for affiliation. So, if you are interested, please check out our affiliation page for what is open and what we require.

To continue our celebration for our upcoming 2nd anniversary, we have an absolutely stunning new theme for our gallery made by the incredible Margos!

In honor of our two year anniversary happening this May, we have two new themes (and one more on the way!). I decided on the pictures for this theme as a throw back to our very first one. This is hands down one of my absolute favorite photoshoots that Phoebe has done. The wonderful Margos made us a gorgeous new wordpress theme AND a new icon archive theme. I’d also like to extend a huge thank you Gee for donating over 1,000 icons to our archive.