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Hello, everyone! Just wanted to make an announcement that starting in May the site will no longer be accessible through I am letting the domain expire as we now have two better domains – and Since I’ve had the previous domain redirecting, I am hoping this transition won’t be too big of an issue, but please update your bookmarks.

Those of us here at Phoebe Tonkin Web (Sarah), Hayley Marshall Daily (Gee and Hayl), and Dress Like Phoebe Tonkin (Jenn) want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. We hope you have a day filled with fun and relaxation, and wish you an amazing 29th year of life. In honor of Phoebe’s birthday and the example she has set for us, we have donated $75 to the ACLU in her honor. Please join us by wishing her “Happy Birthday” on twitter and instagram!

Hello, everyone! I am very excited to announce a project I’ve been working on for quite some time – a Press Archive for all of Phoebe’s interviews. You can see the guide here. Each year is represented by a clickable icon. I hope you all enjoy our new feature, and if I’ve missed any interviews, please do not hesitate to tweet me a link!

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to announce that PTW has a new look thanks to Margos! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. I also wanted to announce that going into 2018, I will no longer be posting candids of Phoebe in her personal life. This was not an easy decision to make since I know so many fans enjoy them; however, it has become apparent in many of the more recent candids of Phoebe that she does not enjoy the attention of the paparazzi. I will continue to post candids of Phoebe leaving or arriving at events that she attends as those are public events and of any of her filming projects, but no more of Phoebe living her personal life. I hope you understand.

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to announce that here at Phoebe Tonkin Web, we have a brand new domain I wanted a domain like this since I first began the site over two years ago; however, none were available at the time. Don’t worry! You can still access the site through; it’s not going anywhere! If you are having issues accessing the site through the old domain and you are receiving a 400 Bad Request, clear your cookies for the site. You can learn how to do that here.

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Hello, everyone! Just wanted to announce that over on our tumblr we will be hosting a week dedicated to Phoebe.


We’re happy to announce that we’re going to be holding a Phoebe Tonkin Week! We all love Phoebe and want to show her some love. Themes for the week are below! We hope everyone who wants to get’s involved to spread the Phoebe love. Tag all your works for the week with #ptw17 so we can see and reblog them!

Day 1. (Mon 2nd Oct) – Favourite photoshoot/s – Your favourite photoshoot/s of Phoebe!
Day 2. (Tues 3rd Oct) – Favourite selfie/s – Your favourite selfie/s Phoebe has taken!
Day 3. (Wed 4th Oct) – Favourite acting role/s – Your favourite role/s Phoebe has played on screen!
Day 4. (Thurs 5th Oct) – Favourite friendship/s – Phoebe + her amazing friends!
Day 5. (Fri 6th Oct) – Favourite sm photo/s not uploaded by Phoebe – your favourite photo/s of Phoebe from someone else’s social media!
Day 6. (Sat 7th Oct) – Favourite look/s – Your favourite Phoebe look/s, be it casual or from events!
Day 7. (Sun 8th Oct) – Free choice – Feel free to share your Phoebe love any way this day!

Please be sure to check out this post on our tumblr and share it out!