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Today marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of Phoebe Tonkin Web! Five years ago today I launched this site with the intent on following Phoebe’s career and providing fans with high quality photos and screencaps. I never imagined then just how much this site would grow (not only here at but also on our social medias as well).

First, I want to say that it has been a joy covering Phoebe’s career and watching her grow as an actress and person. I admired her before I started the site and that admiration has only grown. Not only do find her to be a talented and beautiful actress, but also a genuinely caring person who is passionate about women’s rights, the environment, and creating a better world. I am proud of everything she has accomplished as an actress and activist.

Second, I want to thank all of those who have helped make this site possible – Gee, Hayl, Lauren, Stephanie, Ana, Claudia, Maria, Jenn, the ladies at PhoebeTstory, and probably many others throughout the years. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and this site. And I want to give a special thank you to Gee. I am especially grateful for all of the hard that you put in to helping me run this site and all of our social media accounts. In many ways, Phoebe Tonkin Web would not exist without your dedication. Thank you for everything you do, Gee.

Third, I want to thank all of you. Thank you for liking, commenting, crediting, viewing the site, and generally supporting us. To show my appreciation and to celebrate this special anniversary, I have added a new section to the site that features wallpapers, icons, twitter packs, and more. Something any of you can use and I hope you all enjoy the new graphics section.

So, here is to another five years. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

You can visit the new graphics vault by clicking on the image below, or using the link in our navigation.

PS, our hiatus is officially over, so expect lots of updates in the coming weeks!

Apr 16th, 2020

Hello, everyone! I have uploaded the rest of the Bloom stills that we were able to obtain. I hope you all enjoy them.

I also want to make the announcement that the site will be going on hiatus for a bit. I will not be updating the gallery with new things. Plans I had to upgrade content and post new exclusives are officially put on hold for the time being. At this point, I’m not sure if we will be posting the exclusives at all; however, we still will be posting normal instagram updates (as in things Phoebe and her friends post). Frankly, we are growing very tired of other fanpages reposting our content without crediting, ripping off full sections of our gallery, and cropping off our watermark.

We’ve received very rude messages on instagram when we ask to be credited (for content that you would never see if it weren’t for us), stating that we are not needed. So, while I had many plans to keep posting new, fresh content during the lockdown many of us are facing, I am instead going to take a break because running this site is hard, and often thankless, work. We will be back. There will likely be more intrusive watermarks on exclusives when we come back.

But for now, I hope you all are safe, healthy, and staying at home.


Hello, everyone! Just quickly announcing that our video archive is no longer located at but will now be accessible through Hope you all continue to enjoy the archive!

While we were able to post on our social media yesterday to wish Phoebe a happy birthday, I was unable to get online to post on the site. Yesterday, Phoebe celebrated her 30th birthday surrounded by friends in New York City. We are so proud of what Phoebe accomplished last year, and we can’t wait to see what thirty brings for her. So, Happy Birthday, Phoebe!

To honor Phoebe, we chose to donate to the NRDC. And we urge any of you with some extra cash to spare to consider donating to one of Phoebe’s supported causes (we have several linked in our sidebar).

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to make an announcement that starting in May the site will no longer be accessible through I am letting the domain expire as we now have two better domains – and Since I’ve had the previous domain redirecting, I am hoping this transition won’t be too big of an issue, but please update your bookmarks.

Those of us here at Phoebe Tonkin Web (Sarah), Hayley Marshall Daily (Gee and Hayl), and Dress Like Phoebe Tonkin (Jenn) want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. We hope you have a day filled with fun and relaxation, and wish you an amazing 29th year of life. In honor of Phoebe’s birthday and the example she has set for us, we have donated $75 to the ACLU in her honor. Please join us by wishing her “Happy Birthday” on twitter and instagram!