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‘I Quit Sugar’ Interview

[ Written on June 25 2015 by Sarah ]


What happens when two Aussie actresses living in Hollywood get stuck in a three-hour car trip together? Ideas fly, friendships grow and you get YourZenLife.

Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer (besties, yoga nuts, movie stars) have banded together and created a mega-inspiring online scrapbook of wellness, eco-living and delish raw recipes (the Raweos – raw Oreos – are a favourite!). YourZenLife is an open environment, where like-minded people can chew over issues like self-love, positive healing and inner beauty.

We love this attitude to life so it was a no-brainer to interview Phoebe and Teresa for the latest in our Three Bites series…

Three bites with Phoebe Tonkin + Teresa Palmer

1. My morning routine:
Phoebe: I always wake up and drink at least 500mls of water with a whole lemon squeezed in. Then it’s coffee with hemp milk, toast and then a Ballet Beautiful workout on my living room floor.

Teresa: Wake up at 6:30 am when Bodhi my 15-month-old starts talking. We co-sleep so when he is awake for the day so is mummy! He will breastfeed for about 20 mins then we usually take a shower together and we both get changed. Then we go have breakfast – buckwheat pancakes for me and chia seed pudding for him.

2. I always share this health tip with my friends and it always surprises them:

Phoebe: Vegemite and Avocado on toast. That probably doesn’t surprise Australians, but my American friends think it’s super weird!

Teresa: I ate my placenta in the form of capsules! It increases your prolactin level which is the hormone that your body needs to produce milk. The placenta pills also help slow the decline of estrogen that happens after we give birth. The rapid decline of estrogen is one of the reasons why women feel really mentally depleted after giving birth. Whenever I needed a pick me up I would take a pill.

3. My favourite sugar-free snack:

Phoebe: Hummus and Carrots

Teresa: Rice cakes with raw almond butter and cinnamon sprinkled on top

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PS, If you are looking for ways to cut sugar, consider checking out 7 Tips To Dramatically Curb Your Sugar Cravings by Kyran Doyle.

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