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1) Can you contact Phoebe for me/have you met Phoebe?
I have no contact with Phoebe or her management, so I cannot contact her for you. I have not met Phoebe, but I would love to one day.

2) Can you send me an autographed photo of Phoebe?
Nope. Like I said, I have no contact with Phoebe or her management, and so, we are unable to send anyone autographed photos of Phoebe.

3) Is this Phoebe’s official website?
Phoebe does not have an official website. This is completely run by fans for fans.

4) Why did you stop posting candids?
While in the past Phoebe seemed to ignore the paparazzi, towards the end of 2017, she began showing signs of growing tired of them photographing her in her private life (example, discreetly and multiple times flipping them off). We decided to discontinue candids in her personal life for this reason. This does not mean you cannot enjoy candids, or should feel bad about liking them. It just means we don’t post personal life ones anymore. In the past our unofficial policy was to avoid candids of Phoebe in hotels or with children, but as stated above, we decided to take a more firm stance.

5) Why didn’t you answer my email?
Because I’m terrible and I have the memory of a goldfish. If I do not respond in a timely manner, please send it again.

6) Why is Phoebe only a guest star on The Originals?
Because misogyny. Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. No official reason has been released. It could have been for creative reasons, a network decision or Phoebe’s request. Or any combination. We simply do not know.

7) Will Phoebe be in the series finale of The Originals?
It appears she filmed for the finale, so fingers crossed they don’t delete her scene.

8) Will you upload bonus feature screencaps for season 5 of The Originals?
If Phoebe is in any deleted scenes than I likely will purchase the bluray and make screencaps; however, I will not be purchasing it until we know what bonus features, if any, Phoebe is featured in.