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To say that The Originals‘ Hayley Marshall-Kenner had a “busy” wedding night would be an understatement — unless merging two werewolf bloodlines while suppressing feelings for a vampire is par for the bridal course these days.

With so much to squeeze into the Season 2 episode, appropriately titled “I Love You, Goodbye,” it’s understandable that certain scenes ended up on the cutting room floor — like the one above, in which Cami expresses her concerns about baby Hope’s rapidly developing powers.

In TVLine’s exclusive deleted scene from the Season 2 DVD, available for purchase on Sept. 1, Cami tells Hayley about the close call she and Hope experienced at the exploding cabin… and how she suspects Hope is the only reason they survived.

“Hope is part witch,” Cami reminds Hayley. “Do you think she did that? Do you think she saved us?”

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