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Phoebe Urges People to Say No to “Sexist, Misogynist Rhetoric” and Vote Clinton

[ Written on November 04 2016 by Sarah ]

In light of Nikki Reed’s poignant, hilarious, and incredibly important video, I decided to share my own personal story that reminded me how important it is for Americans, and especially females, to stop Donald Trump from winning this election, and to vote for Hillary R Clinton.

I understand there are dozens of important issues that are being discussed, dissected, and fought for. And this particular issue is only one in an alarmingly large pool of ludicrous proposals, downright terrifying rhetoric, ignorant and uninformed comments and ideals put forward by Donald Trump. But in light of all of the influx of information and endorsing out there, I thought for my own endorsement of Hillary Clinton, inspired by Nikki’s video, I wanted to come from a place of honesty, a place that felt personal.

So, twitter friends, future twitter friends, future twitter enemies, here’s the deal. I consider myself a pretty tough, strong, independent young lady. I don’t suffer fools lightly, not at all. Two days ago, I was walking down a block in NYC, and a man separated from his group of friends, to follow me for the entire block, trailing not 1 meter behind me, calling after me with words, phrases, and propositions that I don’t care to repeat here. Just one hour later, I walked by another group of men, in a different part of the city, and, in defense mode, still, quite frankly pissed off from the previous encounter, I crossed my arms and put down my head as I walked past, keeping my eyes down. One of the men yelled out, “Hey, bitch stop fucking crying”.

I should mention, that in neither of these situations, did I feel scared, or like I was in any sort of danger. And I know that this situation is not only an every day occurrence, but also obviously incomparable to the types of abuse that thousands of women encounter, every day, across the planet.

But back to these particular men, in this particular situation. Now like I said, I consider myself a tough cookie, I wished, as I kept my eyes ahead of me, and my fists scrunched up, I could have willed myself to turn around and just said STOP. When I got home, I fantasized about turning on my heels, looking that man squarely in the eyes, and saying “ENOUGH. I don’t like this. I don’t feel good. Please, just leave me alone. ” But I couldn’t, and I didn’t.

These men behave this way because they think they can. And even strong women, like myself, still find it hard to say “Enough” But fellow women, this election is your chance, loud and clear, to say ENOUGH. Do not allow the person we call ‘President’ to be a role model to these types of men. By voting for Hillary Clinton, we are saying NO to sexist, misogynist rhetoric, to letting our future daughters think it’s okay for men to talk to us like that. That though just words, we don’t like them, and we’ve had Enough.

-Phoebe x


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