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The beloved novel, Tomorrow, When the War Began, hits the big screen…

Read endlessly since it was first published in ’93, Tomorrow, When the War Began is on of Australia’s most cherished novels. Written by John Marsden, the book (along with the rest of the Tomorrow series) tells the story of a scary homeland invasion and the kids that come together to fight for survival. Now it’s a movie, filled with blood, sweat, tears, love, explosions and all that fun stuff. We caught up with the young cast to chat about the flick…

Fave thing about Fiona?
“She has a big character arc in the film. She’s the posh one with the beauty queen mum, but she kinda goes from worrying about makeup and painting her nails to, um, blowing up bridges and stuff.”

Did you enjoy working on a big blockbuster film?
“Yeah, it’s my first film and it was cool. It was like hanging out with friends all day with a camera rolling in your face. We’d go off between takes to make some Milo! We called it Milo Cyrus.”

Strangest role you’ve ever played?
“I once played the wall in a school production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Published August 2010