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InStyle Australia: To Spain with Love

Dramatic draping, intricate lacing, sexy tailoring – Caitlin Stasey and Phoebe Tonkin take charge in the season’s sultriest looks. Viva España.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Caitlin Stasey and Phoebe Tonkin for models. Stasey’s high cheekbones and lithe frame are reminiscent of an early Linda Evangelista and Tonkin, all sultry glamour and cascading tresses, hints at a young Stephanie Seymour. The two you playing dress-ups at InStyle’s shoot, but in reality it’s not modeling that’s the name of their game; it’s acting. And there’s mistaking that both of these young women are on the verge.

Stasey, 20, and Tonkin, 21, have already experienced success as teen actresses: Tonkin in the worldwide television phenomenon H2O: Just Add Water and Stasey in Australian soap Neighbours. Now, the talented two star in upcoming blockbuster Tomorrow, When the War Began (out September 2), an adaptation of John Marsden’s best-selling novels which follow eight teenagers caught in an unexpected war on Australian soil.

“These books are so well-loved by so many people, ” says Stasey, explaining the huge buzz surrounding the projects. Adds Tonkin, “It’s cool to be part of a new wave of young Australian actors.” Still neither has been affected by the prospect of impending fame: both are honest, down-to-earth and sweet-natured. “It’s my dream to not be tabloid-worthy,” says Stasey, a native Melburnian. “It’s a case of wanting to make the right choices. It’s not about a film, it’s really about whether you do a good job in it.” Tonkin also has a mature outlook. “I’m more quietly ambitious,” says the Sydneysider. “I really want to do it [acting], but the reason is that it makes me happy. I always say that if I’m not enjoying it, then I’ll just do something else.”

As the pair navigates the world that awaits, each can be sure of the other’s support. “Phoebe’s so funny,” exclaims Stasey. “She makes me laugh harder than anyone else. I love her blatant honesty – and how unique she is.” Tonkin has similar praise for Stasey. “Caitlin’s got a good sense of humour,” she says. “And she’s very driven – she was a good influence on set. She’s a talented girl.”

Beauty, poise and charm – it’s a killer combination at any age, even more so when held by two so young. Tomorrow, it seems looks very bright.

Published August 2010
by Jo Mckay