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Based on the series of best selling novels by John Marsden, Tomorrow, When the War Began promises to be the biggest Aussie blockbuster of the year. TV HITS was lucky enough to visit the set at Sydney’s Fox Studios, where filming was underway. Buzzing with excitement, the young cast sat down to chat between scenes…

What’s been the best part and the worst part about filming?
The best part is the people we’re working with. It’s like going to school camp every day without teachers telling you off. The worst would be the lack of sleep.

Tell us about your character, Fi.
Fi starts out being the posh one…but by the end, she’s blowing up bridges and she’s doing stuff so out of her comfort zone. I’m probably a lot more tomboyish than the character, so I had to take etiquette classes and refine my accent. [Laughs] It was really funny.

Published August 2010