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The cast of ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’ – about a gang of Australian teens battling ruthless invader are as hot as John Marsden’s cult book series.

Tonkin, 21, who was homeschooled from age 15 so she could shoot the mermaid TV series H20: Just Add Water in Queensland, dyed her hair for the movie role. “I’ve always wanted to be a blonde then when I was, I was like, ‘I’m happy brunette’.” As a teen, she gave everything a go, “whether it was ice-skating, maths club, water polo or basketball, even though I was bad at most of it.” Except dance. “I did a lot of ballet and wanted to be a tap dancer.” She’s been on Packed to the Rafters and Home and Away, won’t say if she has a boyfriend and, like her character, eats Vegemite by the spoonful.

Published August 2010