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Bambini Talent Group: Interview with Phoebe Tonkin

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Australia’s gorgeous Phoebe Tonkin. Read about her castings for H2O Just Add Water and her casting tips!

1. How did you get into acting?
I was super shy, and my parents put me into a couple of musical theatre and drama classes at ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People) during school holidays and after school. After doing a few plays at High School, I got an agent and after a few auditions I landed H20 Just Add Water.

2. What do you love the most about acting?
I love creating and discovering different characters, and reading such interesting scripts, working with creative and passionate people. I think it’s also important to watch a lot of films and go to the theatre to keep yourself inspired.

3. What was your very first casting like? Were you nervous?
It was for Home and Away and I was so nervous! I practised for hours with my mum in the kitchen beforehand.

4. What did you have to do for your casting in H20 Just Add Water?
For my first casting, I auditioned with a few other actors. I initially I went in for the role of Rikki. After the casting, the director told me to come back and learn the lines of Cleo (the role I ended up playing).

For the second audition, we were flown to Queensland and because it the role was for a mermaid, we had to do a swimming test to prove to them we could swim.

5. Have you done any acting or modelling training?
Besides ATYP, I did high school drama and a few classes at NIDA. I don’t necessarily think that training has to always be acting based. Getting involved in sports and music can be just as beneficial. That would be my one big tip, get Involved, in anything you can. It is about life experience and opportunity.

6. What casting tips do you have for kids (eg what to wear, how to meet and greet directors/casting agents, how to combat nerves etc)?
Wear something comfortable. Casting Directors aren’t looking for the most ‘stylish’ actor, they are looking for someone who can act and fit the role.

I usually go with jeans and a black or white top. It’s good to go in with a smile and introduce yourself. Don’t worry if you’re nervous – I don’t know one person who doesn’t get nervous going in for an audition. I still dread it! Just take a deep breath, know your lines and enjoy yourself.

Published May 16, 2011