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You had questions and now the cast of The Secret Circle has answers! Today the lovely, talented, Secret Circle-y Phoebe Tonkin and Jessica Parker Kennedy and dish on love potions, tough scenes, and Wicca.

Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin plays Faye, a tough-as-nails witch with a penchant for dark magic and dark mascara. Before TSC, Phoebe was best known for starring in the hit Australian show H20: Just Add Water.

Q: We really liked you in the movie Tomorrow When the War Began and we want to know, which character do you relate more to? Faye or Fiona?
A: I relate to Fi more than Faye, in fact a few of the lines that I said in the movie were taken from experiences I had in high school that I felt were similar to the feelings that Fi was feeling about being insecure. Faye is very far from who I am, I am never malicious although I can be a bit sarcastic like her.

Q: Do you like acting with an American accent? Can you switch back and forth throughout the day, or do you need to stay in the American accent while filming?
A: I switch back to Australian when the director calls cut, but it’s a bit of a hybrid. I pronounce some letters stronger than I would if I was speaking with an Australian accent, like the ‘r’ sound.

Q: What do you like most about the character you play?
A: I like playing a character so different from myself, it’s also fun to be mean to Britt who plays Cassie, because in real life we’re actually really close friends.

Q: Would you dare use a love potion?!
A: My best friends and I actually made a love spell when we were 15. I’m still waiting to see if it worked or not…

Q: What has been the hardest scene to film so far?
A: The rain scene in the pilot was hard, only because it was so cold that night, and we filmed until about 7am in the morning, in a tiny little dress.

Q: Did any of you know anything about Wicca prior to being cast for the show?
A: I bought a book written by Fiona Horne who is Wiccan. I find that world very fascinating. I study a lot about crystals and crystal therapy, which isn’t too far off. The general belief is that there is a greater energy in this world which comes from nature, something I believe in.

Published April 12, 2012