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Zap2it: ‘The Secret Circle’ star Phoebe Tonkin: Will Faye, Diana, and the Circle turn on Cassie?

Last week’s episode of “The Secret Circle” was full of unexpected plot twists. Not only did Cassie and Adam finally sleep together, activating an old, deadly curse placed on their families (that is basically the opposite of safe sex) — but fresh-from-a-coma Eva killed Lee with her powers after catching him in a liplock with Faye.

Yep. Powers. At some point, Lee transferred power to his psycho ex, and he didn’t even live long enough to regret it.

Before you ask: The sexy voodoo dude with the magnificently groomed scruff is really dead, for good. Just don’t expect Faye to start crying into her latte like a grieving widow quite yet. That’s not her style.

“At first, she doesn’t even realize he’s dead,” Phoebe Tonkin tells us. “Eva’s trying to cover it up, saying that he’s out of town, but Faye knows that’s not true. Faye kind of goes looking for him.” Of course, what Faye uncovers doesn’t exactly leave her with warm and fuzzy feelings toward her dead not-quite-boyfriend. “Faye is very protective of her power, and she doesn’t like people going behind her back. When Faye finds out what Lee was really doing for Eva with Faye’s power, she’s going to be pretty angry. Regardless of if he’s still alive or not.”

Even with her powers, Eva doesn’t seem like a formidable opponent for the whip-smart and vicious Faye. “She’s just like, pissed and crazy!” Phoebe laughs. “She gets into a ‘Single White Female’ situation as she’s doing everything in her power to keep Faye away from the room that Lee’s dead body is in.”

As if Faye didn’t have enough to deal with in this episode, she’s also got Cassie and Adam plaguing her with their not-so-typical teen sex consequences. As we’ve seen from the clip this week, Faye basically thinks her friends are ridiculous and she doesn’t have time to stand around and worry about the not-so-typical consequences of their tryst.

Phoebe admits that she has a blast in scenes where Faye gives the rest of the Circle a hard time. “I do! I’ve had to start warning everyone before I do stuff. When we’re all together, we do get the giggles sometimes, but in that particular scene, I’m purposely laughing, so I think everyone thought I was laughing out-of-character or laughing at them. After the first take I had to be like, ‘Sorry guys; I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing as the character, in the scene.’ I like finding those moments where Faye finds the silliness in these situations where her friends see drama. It’s just how a teenager would react.”

Of course, as always, we had to ask Phoebe about upcoming interaction between Faye and Diana (if you aren’t privy to the Fayana phenomenon, get with the times). It looks like three’s company in this case, though, because Faye, Melissa, and Diana are going to spend some time as a trio in upcoming episodes.

“Not so much Fayana as the three of them,” she laughs. “It’s actually really nice because we forget that they’re 16-year-olds, and in the midst of these crazy huge witch issues, they’ve still got like boy and friend problems, and they need their friends to rely on. I think the three of them complement each other really well. Melissa can be the voice of reason, and Diana and Faye are at opposite ends of the spectrum in that Diana is very straight-edged and then Faye is just like out of control spontaneous. As friends, they really work well together, and I love doing scenes with those two. It’s so fun.”

Now, more than ever, it seems that Cassie is on the outside looking in on the other girls in the Circle. Cassie may begin to feel the effects of that isolation soon.

“Now that Blackwell’s back as well, there are things about Blackwell that Cassie knows that we don’t, and there’s room for us to say ‘Okay, choose your dad, or choose us.’ We don’t necessarily trust Blackwell. We have no reason to, but Cassie has a reason to because in the end, he’s her father. There’s room for us to turn on Cassie a little bit, and we’ll definitely see that.”

We can’t wait to see how the Circle dynamics change as Blackwell’s true intentions are revealed — and the resurrection of another dead witch who we know and love is sure to throw a wrench in the mix, too. Tune in for a brand new episode of “The Secret Circle” tonight (March 22) at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

Published on March 22, 2012
by Carina Mackenzie