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TVLine: Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin Talks Faye’s New Foe and the Curse That Will Kill [Spoiler]

It’s not easy being the Resident Bad Girl of Chance Harbor High. As Faye Chamberlain on The CW’s The Secret Circle (Thursdays, 9/8c), Aussie beauty Phoebe Tonkin has, yes, served up many a choice cut-down and arched an eyebrow with the best of ’em, but the saucy sorceress isn’t immune to heartbreak. In fact, her latest hook-up, voodoo vendor Lee, just bit the dust at the hand of his until recently comatose honey, Eva.

TVLine spoke with Tonkin about bad girl Faye’s imminent showdown with a stalker, Cassie and Adam’s cursed (ahem) coupling and more.

TVLINE | Have you been enjoying Faye’s evolution from the “resident bad girl” to something richer?
Definitely. I’m blessed that [series boss] Andrew [Miller] and all of our writers give me a lot of different things to play. Sometimes she’s very vulnerable and just wants to be loved, and other times she’s out to stir the pot and get her power back.

TVLINE | Her role also seems to be to keep things light and fun, saying what a teenage girl actually would say in such unreal circumstances.
She’s kind of like the voice of reason, expect that what she says isn’t always the nicest thing. But a lot of the time, it sort of is true!

TVLINE | That said, stuff just got real at the end of last episode. Will news spread of Lee’s death or will this be one of those things where he allegedly left town?
It starts like that, but Faye doesn’t believe Eva when she says that Lee has left town. Faye thinks something must have happened.

TVLINE | Because let’s face it, in real life people don’t just leave town. When has anyone ever told you, “Oh Phoebe, that guy you were dating? Yeah, he just up and left town”?
“Without a phone call…” Exactly. So Faye knows something is up, and she gets Diana and Melissa to help her investigate.

TVLINE | So is that the last we’ve seen of Grey Damon? Because the lady folk seem to like him a lot.
[Laughs] Right? I don’t know… It’s a supernatural show, so anyone can be brought back to life!

TVLINE | He’s a hard act to follow, though, as an on-screen match for both you and for Faye.
I think Faye is always attracted to the bad guy with a heart of gold, and that’s what both Lee and Jake are. But yeah, Grey was awesome, so it’s a shame [he’s gone].

TVLINE | Faye gets a stalker this week. Is Eva a force to be reckoned with despite not being another broody brunette?
Yeah, there’s a Single White Female situation going on…. She goes a little mad and she definitely attacks Faye. It all gets a bit scary. Crazy girls and their ex-boyfriends!

TVLINE | The new promos echo what Blackwell said last week: That Cassie and Adam being “written in the stars” is not just the stuff of Hallmark cards but a curse. And this week Cassie learns from her grandmother that someone in the circle will die if they attempt to undo that curse.
Yeah, basically the curse [happens] if two people kind of take their friendship too far, so basically we’re now trying to undo the curse. But it’s a little awkward, because obviously Diana has feelings about Cassie and Adam being together. So at first we don’t really believe that there is actually a curse, and we say we don’t want to get involved. And that kind of breaks the circle up, leaving Cassie and Adam to undo this curse without anyone’s help.

TVLINE | But how can they be doubting the curse? There are dead crows all over the lawn after those two go at it!
Well… [Laughs] Just because! We just don’t believe them.

TVLINE | So what’s the buzz on the season finale?
I don’t even know yet, because we’re only on Episode 21, so we won’t get a script for the finale until just before Ester. I think we’re going to find out more about what happened 16 years ago, and, ultimately, we’re going to find out what happens when we bring together all the crystals from all the families.

TVLINE | Y’all have to be pretty confident about a Season 2 renewal.
I hope so! There’s so much more of the story to be told. It’d be a shame not to come back.

TVLINE | Has doing any freaky scene ever given you a genuine case of the heebie-jeebies?
You know, we just shot stuff at a carnival , at night. And what’s scary is that we do these things at real locations, at like 4 o’clock in the morning. Or we’ll be in the woods at 5 in the morning, and that’s scary, because you can’t see things and you’ll have to like walk to the bathroom in the dark….

TVLINE | You’re real-life roommates with Britt Robertson. How do you two pass the time on a lazy Saturday night?
Oh, we’re always on a plane, because we go back to L.A. a lot. Or we sit, and cook, and we watch The Bachelor. Britt’s got me into some serious reality television…. [Sheepishly] Yeah, I know.

TVLINE | Did those women not see his hair? Isn’t that hair a deal-breaker?
I mean, kind of! But it was really more than the hair that would’ve been a deal-breaker.

Published March 22, 2012
by Matt Webb Mitovich