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When we visited the “Secret Circle” set last week, love was in the air — no, there aren’t any on-set romances brewing, but the whole cast was so excited for fans to finally see their Valentine’s Day episode, airing tonight on The CW. Of course, if you’ve been watching this show (and if you’ve seen this week’s chilling preview below) you know it’s not exactly a Hallmark occasion.

That said, there are some sparks flying. “I think people are going to definitely be surprised about a few romances that do happen and surprised by a few romances that don’t happen,” Chris Zylka told us. As we saw last week, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jake (Zylka) met up for a steamy — if unexpected — hookup after he got the cold shoulder from Cassie.

“I think Faye and Jake written in the stars!” Zylka jokes, laughing. “Honestly, though, I think she’s the only one that gets him for real. She’s smart. Faye is Jake and Jake is Faye, and that’s why they connect but also why they hate each other. It’s ‘I love you to death, and I could be with you, but one of us would cast the worst kind of spell on the other.’”

“They knew each other since they were real little kids,” Tonkin adds. “They experimented with seeing each other and dating each other a few years ago, and he left. I think she’s always needed closure, but lately, she’s accepting that they’ve both grown up. I do think she’s going to turn her efforts toward Lee right now.”

Meanwhile, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) still has her eye on Callum, the drug dealer who she connected with last week. “He’s definitely shady, but she very much trusts him,” Kennedy says. “He does something so sweet, so he’s dangerous but he wants to look out for her at the same time, and she feels that from him. There’s a lot about Callum that she doesn’t know, though.”

More importantly, she continues her love affair with Devil’s Spirit (which Tonkin calls a “non-addictive herbal enhancement”), the magical drug that Callum brought to Chance Harbor.

“I really think Melissa is reaching out for comfort in any way she can, whether it’s the new dark man in town who reminds her of her dead boyfriend, or it’s a substance,” Kennedy tells us. “All of the heaviness and the pain that she has from Nick’s death just goes away when she does the Devil’s Spirit. My acting coach describes it as a cotton-candy feeling; it takes the pain away. She’s going to go through a dangerous adventure. Any time you get to play a character who’s going into a flawed time in their life, that’s so fun, too. I was ready to not have the sad face on during every scene.”

This week, she’ll share that Devil’s Spirit with Diana (Shelley Hennig), who’s having some angst of her own as she watches Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie (Britt Robertson) grow closer. “She’s trying to just be more positive and not cry every day over her relationship with Adam. I think you’ll see Diana move forward. She’s definitely not staying the same character,” Hennig says.

In fact…we were expecting Lee to hook up with Faye, but we’ve got it on good authority that Diana might get a little rebound action in first. “That was a fun scene,” Hennig teases. “With Diana, the Devil’s Spirit is like giving alcohol to someone who’s never drank before, so there’s a big difference between Melissa’s reaction to the Devil’s Spirit and Diana’s reaction to the Devil’s Spirit. Diana isn’t really an abuser of drugs or alcohol so she kind of loses it. And then Lee comes in and interrupts my Devil’s Spirit fun.”

We’ll see how Faye feels about that.

As a final tease for the episode, we’ll tell you that the ever-reliable (and sometimes kinda boring) Adam takes his leave toward the end of the episode, giving Dekker a chance to show “Secret Circle” fans a whole new side of his talent.

“Something happens to Adam in the last act that’s only temporary, but it definitely changes his character,” Dekker teases (very carefully). “He gets to be somebody else for a bit. We were filming in a gigantic church downtown, and it was nice for me, because Adam’s such a nice guy that it was fun to kind of do something different. He’s very reliable, he’s the totem pole of the circle. Brittany and I have some really great romantic stuff to do in that episode, too. I think it’s one of our best episodes, if not our best.”

Published February 9, 2012
by Carina Mackenzie