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We caught up with Aussie actress, sometime model and health blogger and all-round cool girl, at the launch of adidas Energy Boost global launch in New York to find out about her move Stateside to star in The Vampire Diaries spin-off, how she stays in tiptop shape, plus she spills some of her health secrets…

Grazia: You have a health and wellbeing blog Your Zen Life that you share with Teresa Palmer. What’s the best health tip you ever received?
Phoebe: I always find I’m at my happiest when I’m just looking after myself and not putting too much stress on exercising or being too strict with my eating. When you’re thinking about health and weight and exercise too much, it takes over. It’s how you feel on the inside. When I’m happy and looking after myself, I want to nurture my body and exercise to feel good as opposed to punishing myself and going to the gym!

G: What’s your fitness regime, especially when it comes to prepping for the red carpet?
P: I actually have just started doing Tracy Anderson, and it’s addictive. I do the classes in Los Angeles, cause I moved house and it’s really nearby, and I like doing that. It’s like Pilates, mixed with a bit of cardio, dance and loud, loud music. I love doing things that are kind of fun, jumping around and things that don’t really feel like exercise. I also like to play tennis on the weekends with friends and going for big walks. In LA they call it hikes, but there’s not much hiking involved, it’s just like walking up a small hill.

G: What are your favourite health haunts in LA?
P: There’s a really great juice place called Kimberly Snyder’s Glow Bio, and she has a book called The Beauty Detox Solution, which I’d read before she opened up this smoothie and juice place. I go there a couple of times a week to get a good juice or a smoothie and then there’s another restaurant called Pace in the canyons, which is all organic farm-fresh food, that I like as well.

G: You must travel a lot. Any tips for keeping in shape while away from home?
P: I like to bring a skipping rope, so that if I have 10 minutes spare in the morning, or even later in the afternoon, I can just go down to the gym, stretch, do 10 minutes of skipping and call it a day — and it’s light enough to put in your hand luggage.

G: What’s coming up next for you, acting-wise?
P: I’m about to go to New Orleans and Atlanta to film a pilot called The Originals, which is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries.

Published February 21, 2013
by Ana Almeida