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What’s in store for the mother of Klaus’ “heir”?

The CW certainly seem quite happy with Phoebe Tonkin. While the Australian actress’ series The Secret Circle only lasted one season, she quickly found a new role on the network this past year as the werewolf Hayley on The Vampire Diaries. And now, Tonkin will be a series regular on The Originals, the new spinoff of The Vampire Diaries debuting this October.

I had a brief chat with Tonkin about The Originals and what’s in store for Hayley, who has discovered she is pregnant with a baby belonging to Klaus (Joseph Morgan), the werewolf/vampire hybrid who has designs on making New Orleans his city.

IGN TV: Your character obviously has a huge life change occurring. How do you think she’s going to process this?
Phoebe Tonkin: I think at the moment, Hayley is just holding on for her life right now, because she knows that if Klaus doesn’t help these witches that she is in a lot of trouble. So I think maybe in the next episode, we’re really going to see Hayley actually deal with the information that she is pregnant and that she is a young woman with a child, or a child about to come.

IGN: Vampire Diaries just had the characters graduate from high school, but The Originals seems to be beginning with more adult characters and topics. Is it fun for you to make that transition?
Tonkin: Yeah, it’s nice. Every show I’ve done for eight years, I’ve played high school, so it’s kind of nice not having lines like, “Oh, I’ve gotta get to class.” It’s nice to play a young adult finally. I’ve been playing 16 for a long time. And you know, also having an issue like pregnancy with it, an unplanned pregnancy, is a very real topical issue, and it’s nice to explore an issue like that within a supernatural world.

IGN: Klaus, at the end of the pilot episode, talked about having an heir and wanting be the “king.” Would he embrace Hayley as his queen or is it simply, “Well, she’s giving me a child.”
Tonkin: I think it’s just the child will be the heir. I think he’ll be focusing on that child more than his queen. [Laughs]

IGN: Do you think Hayley is going to be trying to make that change for him?
Tonkin: I think those two go together very much as a one-night kind of thing. But now that they’ve been face to face, I think they’re going to have to reassess their relationship with each other.

Published July 2, 2013
by Eric Goldman