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Pages Digital: Adidas with Phoebe Tonkin

Yesterday we attended the unveiling of the new adidas running innovation at a large do in New York. The shoe incorporates Boost foam, making for one of the most comfortable shoe on the planet. As any exercise freak will attest, this is the most important factor when deciding on a pair of sneakers. adidas have worked to create this revolutionary cushioning technology, meaning you literally bounce when walking. It’s all about energy levels at the end of the day, and we are happy with anything that’s going to encourage us to hit the pavement! adidas also enlisted the help of several Olympic medal winning friends Haile Gebrselassie and Yohan Blake to talk about their energy levels and getting the most out of their performance. As soon as we tried on the shoe, we were sold.

Local lady and actress Phoebe Tonkin was also at the event, along with fellow actress Rosario Dawson, sporting a great adidas logo tee and the sneakers. The thing we find most interesting is the fusion of sport and fashion currently happening around the world. As we sat and listed to these professional, award winning athletes talk about their sport, we wondered what they would think about fashionistas sporting these technologically advanced shoes for the sake of their outfit? Regardless if they like it or not, sport is trending in the fickle world of fashion. Thanks to the likes of Susie Bubble, sneakers are the footwear choice du jour, especially seen at NYFW. And we’re not talking fashion sneakers, we mean real sporty looking running shoes.

We had a chat to fashion plate Tonkin to hear her thoughts on the situation.

So you are in New York for the adidas Boost event, where do you live normally?
I live in LA and Atlanta at the moment. I am doing a show called Vampire Diaries and I am filming a pilot in New Orleans called The Originals.

Sportswear is such a trend at the moment, why do you think it’s made such a huge comeback?
I think everyone’s realised that you can look cool and still be comfortable. Brands like adidas have such a link to the 80s, when it was so cool to wear sportswear as everyday wear. Everyone is just revisiting that trend.

What do you think the real athletes would feel about this? Is it trivialising their careers?
I think they’d embrace it! If everyone’s wearing adidas, it’s like a little community with everyone sharing their passion for the brand.

People like Susie Bubble have championed this look. Will you be rocking yours for fashion week?
I am so excited to wear these for the rest of the day! They look cool and are comfortable, what more can you ask?

Published February 15, 2013
by Lucinda Rose Constable