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Hayley and Elijah may have feelings for each other, but presently, their romance isn’t in bloom on The CW’s “The Originals.”

“Right now, there’s still a lot of hostility between Hayley and Elijah. I think she’s really torn between what her heart is telling her to do and what she believes that she should do for the good of the pack and her people and to be a good leader, which is what she thinks she was born to do,” Phoebe Tonkin, who plays hybrid Hayley, told reporters on the show’s Atlanta, Ga., set last week. “But, she still obviously has strong feelings for Elijah, but I think… she’s really torn. I don’t really know if she knows what she wants or knows what she should do.”

As for Hayley’s feelings for her baby daddy Klaus, their relationship is on an upswing.

“In terms of Klaus, there’s definitely a really kind of lovely relationship that’s blossoming that’s definitely more of a mentor and student relationship, which has been really fun to play and it’s been really fun to kind of pick up a few of Klaus’ traits and watch Hayley kind of evolve as a hybrid under the influence of someone like Klaus,” Phoebe said of Hayley’s interactions with Joseph Morgan’s character.

There is another man in Hayley’s life too – Jackson (Nathan Parsons) – and this week’s episode should present a situation where the two have to team up (something involving an ancient ritual) as they work to free their pack from Esther’s grasp. But there’s also the matter of Jackson’s growing feelings for Hayley.

“Obviously, she has very strong feelings for Elijah, but she can understand having the relationship — not in terms of like a romantic relationship, but being close with Jackson — because he’s the alpha of the pack and she definitely needs him to be strong and lead the pack, which ultimately benefits her because she’s also trying to do the same and lead the werewolves in the right direction,” Phoebe said, when asked her to discuss Hayley’s feelings for Jackson. “But, as they kind of get closer and they kind of go on these journeys together, they are getting closer and they’re getting to know each other and it’s kind of sweet, because they’ve essentially known each other since they were probably 4, 5 years old when their parents had planned for them to be married when they were older… well, at least Jackson’s known about Hayley his whole life, and now he’s finally getting to properly get to know her as an adult.”

In other “Originals” business, when things left off last Monday night, Charles Michael Davis’ Marcel and Phoebe’s character Hayley left a little present for Elijah and Klaus – their brothers, Finn and Kol – chained up.

“We’re gonna find out, I guess what their intentions are and why they’re here and kind of their alliances with Esther and Esther’s intentions, which I think we’ve kind of learned a little bit about over the last few episodes,” Phoebe said. “It’s been really interesting to see the dynamic between the brothers ’cause they are still family, but they have betrayed the family, so how far Klaus and Elijah will go to protect Hope and Hayley and… Cami and other people that they’ve gotten very close to?”

Published November 24, 2014
by Jolie Lash