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EW: ‘The Originals’ Post-Mortem – Phoebe Tonkin Talks Twists

And there you have it. In the first hour of The Originals‘ second season, not only did fans watch as Francesca and the Guerrera wolves met their maker, but we also caught up with every member of the Original family. Every. member. Talk about a welcome back to the world of New Orleans.

We chatted with Phoebe Tonkin and executive producer Michael Narducci all about the premiere and what comes next:

First things first, after four months of driving Francesca crazy with their inaction, the Original family finally got their revenge, and Hayley ended up getting to do the honors. “It definitely is kind of a bit of a teamwork situation,” Tonkin said of Francesca’s death. “As much as it’s hard for both [Hayley and Klaus], that baby was literally ripped out of Hayley to be sacrificed and part of Hayley is just missing right now, and that tiny thing of killing Francesca [could] help Hayley a little bit.”

As for whether that murder will actually help Hayley moving forward, Tonkin said, “I don’t think killing everyone is going to help, but it definitely is making her feel a little safer. She’s trusting her own abilities again. And she’s basically just doing anything in her power that she can to make New Orleans safe and the quarter safe for her baby to come home to her and if that means anyone getting in her way and getting killed, that’s kind of the way Hayley’s dealing with it.”

Published October 6, 2014
by Samantha Highfill