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When The Originals returns for its second season Monday (The CW, 8/7c), new hybrid Hayley has one goal in mind: “Right now, she just wants her baby back,” star Phoebe Tonkin tells TVLine.

Of course, even Tonkin — who assures us that Rebekah is only looking after Hope “for the time being” — admits that reuniting the Mikaelson family will be easier said than done.

“First, Hayley has to create a safe-enough environment so that she’s not bringing her child into a war zone, which is what the Quarter is right now,” Tonkin acknowledges. “She wants to live happily ever after, and that’s probably not going to happen given the world we live in, but for Hayley, that’s what she wants.”

Below, Tonkin teases more of what’s to come in Season 2, including Hayley’s growing “tension” with Elijah and a new, surprising friendship budding in the Quarter.

TVLINE | I know we’ll see Rebekah in Season 2, but will she and Hayley have any interactions?
Eventually, a little bit. That’s also hard because [Klaus and Hayley] have to keep up this ruse that the baby is dead. Essentially, Hayley has to pretend that she’s still in mourning, so she can’t just contact Rebekah and say, “Hey, send me some photos.” Hayley doesn’t even know what [Hope] looks like at the moment, but since the plan is to eventually get the baby back, I’m sure Hayley and Rebekah will run into each other again.

TVLINE | I ask that because I really liked the Hayley/Rebekah friendship that was developing in Season 1. Does Hayley have any friends like that in Season 2?
That was a nice little friendship. Hayley kind of leaned on Rebekah because Elijah wasn’t around a lot — he was trapped in a coffin for a period of time — and Klaus was so hostile towards Hayley. Rebekah was kind of the only one there while Hayley was being hidden in the compound so no one would know she was pregnant. But there’s definitely room for Hayley to create unusual friendships in Season 2. Hayley and Marcel have bonded a little bit, and there’s a really beautiful friendship budding between Hayley and Camille. They’re both the older females that aren’t witches, so they lean on each other a bit.

TVLINE | I’m told there’ll be some growing “tension” between Hayley and Elijah this season — even more than before. Can you elaborate?
It’s sad, because they obviously care about each other very much, but now that Hayley’s a hybrid, she’s petrified that Elijah won’t respect her or try to be in love with her the way he did when she was just a gypsy werewolf girl. She doesn’t want to get hurt again, and it’s not that she’s ashamed, but she’s very confused about her identity. She’s angry, resentful and hostile about the fact that she’s now a hybrid. I don’t think she wants to include Elijah in that anger she’s feeling right now.

TVLINE | And how are things between Hayley and Klaus? They now have a child together and they’re both hybrids, so do they have a new relationship?
It’s funny, they’re more or less partners in crime now. Now that she’s a hybrid, she doesn’t have anyone else to learn from, so Klaus is sort of becoming her mentor. He obviously cares enough about Hayley, and he wants to bring Hope back into a friendly environment, so they just want to protect each other right now.

TVLINE | Onto guy No. 3, Jackson! What’s Hayley’s relationship like with the Crescent wolves now that she’s not one of them?
She definitely has to build up their trust again. They resent her for becoming a hybrid. She wants to be able to protect them as their leader, but they don’t trust her right now, especially given how close she is with Klaus. But Jackson is still on her side, and he’ll try to show their people that she’ll still protect them — but it’ll definitely take a lot of persuading.

Published October 6, 2014
by Andy Swift