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Zap2it: See Hayley and Klaus reunite with Baby Hope in ‘The Originals’ fall finale photos

It’s time for a family reunion on “The Originals”: In the show’s fall finale, airing Monday, Dec. 8, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will reunite with their daughter, Hope, for the first time since she was born — and Zap2it has the exclusive first photos of their happy family moment.

Rebekah (Claire Holt), who has been keeping Hope safe after the Mikaelsons made all of New Orleans believe that Hope had died during childbirth, reunited with her family in “The Brothers That Care Forgot” after discovering her mother, Esther, had tracked her down.

Now, in “The Map of Moments,” Rebekah meets Klaus and Hayley at the family’s safe house to discuss Elijah’s well-being and devise a plan to take down Esther. As you can see in the photos, however, before all the plotting is a beautiful family reunion between the new parents and the daughter they were forced to give up in order to protect.

Holt tells Zap2it of the big reunion, “It’s not awkward. Hayley knows Rebekah is saving her child’s life. There’s a really touching moment when she sees Hope for the first time.”

Hayley’s main goal is to eventually make New Orleans safe enough for her daughter to return. “Right now Haley’s main intention throughout this second season is to create a safe enough environment for her baby to come back to live in New Orleans and to live happily ever after as a normal mom, which is a really nice idea in theory but I don’t know necessarily how easy that’s going to be,” Tonkins tells Zap2it and a group of reporters during a recent visit to the show’s Atlanta set.

Published November 25, 2014
by Jean Bentley and Chris E. Hayner