Welcome to Phoebe Tonkin Web, your best and largest source for the incredibly talented Australian actress, model, writer, director, and producer, Phoebe Tonkin. Phoebe is best known for her work as Cleo Sertori on the children's fantasy series, H2O: Just Add Water and as Hayley Marshall on the CW's The Originals. Phoebe's latest television project, Boy Swallows Universe, premiered on Netflix to critical acclaim. Her work on BSU led to her eventual casting in the upcoming Aussie crime series The Dark Lake. Our site aims to bring you the latest news on Phoebe and her career along with providing a comprehensive gallery of her work and appearances. We hope you enjoy the site and come back soon! b

Coveteur: Phoebe Tonkin

Actor. New York.

We all do it. You find yourself in a too-long line at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s weighed down with pita chips and hummus (okay, fine, a corner bodega and a pint of Haagen Dazs works here too) and in an effort to distract yourself from the post-SoulCycle rush (or the anticipatory night before the Powerball jackpot. Tomato, tuh-mah-toe), you grab the nearest tabloid. You paw your way through before being struck by ‘Stars-They’re Just Like Us’ page, because, admit it—there’s something refreshing, even validating in being reminded that celebrities are, in fact, just like us. Jessica Alba checks her avocados to ensure they’re ripe, Charlize Theron drives her kid to school, that sort of thing. That comfort is especially enforced in the case of Phoebe Tonkin, who became our real life enactment of the above scenario—and whose actual 9-to-5 (according to her, it’s more like 5 A.M. to 9 P.M.) couldn’t be further from ours, mostly because involves vampires. But when she finally makes it home, her idea of creature comforts are shockingly similar—we share a affinity for Isabel Marant and The Reformation, British reality shows and trading our contacts for Warby Parkers.

We caught up with Tonkin at one of the expansive suites at The Viceroy in midtown Manhattan (she shuttles between New York and New Orleans filming The Originals, which she aptly describes as, “lots of vampires and murdering”). Arriving with a suitcase stuffed with Saint Laurent sandals, Carven minidresses and well-worn band tees in tow, Tonkin toured us through each and every piece while breaking down her signature style—and letting us in on a handful of her life hacks to boot.

Namely? Gems like taking literature inspiration from Cher Horowitz (“I read a lot of books at the same time. Like that scene in Clueless where Cher says you need to read one non-school book a week”), the secret to those just-bitten lips (“I like to dab red lipstick on my lips so it looks slept in or stained”) and packing your entire wardrobe in a suitcase without ever having to check it (it’s all about rolling, guys). Oh, and in case you didn’t take us for our word on the whole you-could-actually-be-pals-IRL thing? She passed what we’d argue is the ultimate in litmus tests: her favorite emoji is the sassy hair-flip girl. Nailed it!

Published February 10, 2015