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People: ‘The Originals’ Phoebe Tonkin Talks Possible Vampire Diaries Crossover: It’s ‘a Treat for the Fans’

The Crescent Curse has been broken on The Originals, and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (Nathan Parsons) are finally free. Now, what will the couple do with their newfound freedom?

“I think that they’re enjoying the fact they don’t have to really answer to anyone right now,” Tonkin tells PEOPLE. “I think they’re just kind of working on their relationship a little bit. Being cursed put a little strain on their relationship. They’re trying to bring some normalcy back into their lives.”

This couple really doesn’t have a good sense of what normal is for them, because they were cursed shortly after tying the knot last season. Tonkin says that Jackson may have an idea of where they could start.

“I think what Jackson really wants is for Hayley to take herself out of the Mikaelson drama,” Tonkin says. “He’s going to get really sick of Hayley constantly putting herself in danger, because he loves her and he knows that she’s a mom and if something were to happen, it would be awful for her.”

Untangling herself from the Mikaelson’s drama would also keep her away from Elijah, with whom her character shares “undeniable chemistry.” But Elijah-Hayley ‘shippers: don’t get too excited. Tonkin doesn’t think anything will happen between them while Jackson is still in the picture.

“I still don’t think Hayley would cheat on her husband,” Tonkin says. “She’s definitely being very safe about how much time [Hayley and Elijah] spend together.”

This week’s episode of The Originals finds Hayley teaming up with Marcel ( Charles Michael Davis) to handle a potential threat named Shen.

“He’s a very dangerous character [and] something dangerous,” Tonkin says. The 26-year old actress couldn’t say whether that “something” is a werewolf or vampire or something else.

Looking ahead, there are many things that have the Australian actress is excited for in the rest of the season. She’s ready for fans to see more of Aurora (Rebecca Breeds), whose “volatile” personality, she says, brings a “lightness” to the show and makes Aurora her “favorite character that’s ever been on the CW series.” However, Hayley won’t feel the same way about the character when they meet next week.

“From the get go, Hayley does not like Aurora,” Tonkin says. “The moment she sees Aurora, she’s not gonna be polite.”

There was recently talk of a The Vampire Diaries/The Originals crossover. Tonkin, who is dating TVD‘s Paul Wesley, says she would be excited to see the Mystic Fall folks again.

“I’m surprised that there hasn’t been one. As a TV watcher myself, it’s really fun for the fans,” she says. “It’s kind of like a treat for the fans.”

Published November 12, 2015
by Chancellor Agard