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Movie Pilot: 9 Things You May Not Know About Phoebe Tonkin

July 12th marks the birthday of Phoebe Tonkin, star of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, and instigator of widespread brow envy! #Goals In honour of the birthday girl and gorgeous actress, here are 9 things you may not know about her!

1. She Got Her First Big Acting Gig Two Months After moving To LA!
After a few roles and acting gigs in her hometown, the young actress headed to LA with a dream of garnering more international success and acclaim. In January 2011, she made the journey from her native Australia to LA, and two months later had landed herself a main role in a show for the CW.

Way to go Phoebe! Speaking of The CW…the role she garnered so quickly after moving to LA…

2. She Played Faye In The Secret Circle Alongside Teen Wolf’s Shelley Hennig!
In March 2011, Phoebe was cast as Faye Chamberlain in The CW’s The Secret Circle. She starred in the show opposite Teen Wolf actress Shelley Hennig from its beginning in September 2011, to the bittersweet end in May of 2012.

Hayley and Malia BFFs!? Who would’ve thought!

And of course, speaking of BFFs…

3. She’s Starred In 3 Different Shows With Real-Life BFF, Claire Holt!
She started her career with her role as Cleo Sertori in H20: Just Add Water, an Aussie Kids show, where she starred alongside Claire Holt who played Emma Gilbert. (As in Elena Gilbert?! No. Two completely different Gilberts!)

She went on to garner the role of Hayley in The Vampire Diaries after her role in The Secret Circle, where she starred once again opposite Claire Holt who played Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson. The two then graduated to TVD’s Spin-Off sister show, The Originals, marking the third time the two Aussie lasses have starred opposite one another!

4. She’s An Aussie Lass!
I’ve only mentioned it about 3000 times already, but for those who missed it, Phoebe is originally from Australia! She started her career there pretty young, and as mentioned moved to LA for international success!

5. In Addition To Being An Actress, She’s Also A Model.
It should come as no surprise that the gorgeous actress, is also a model. She was previously signed to Chic Management and has appeared in ads for ELLE Australia, Vogue Australia, and Teen Vogue.

6. She’s been dating TVD Co-star Paul Wesley since 2013!
If you didn’t know Phoebe and fellow TVD co-star Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) were dating, there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock for a few years. It’s okay though, we’re all here for you, and now you know! The pair got together after Wesley split from his then wife Torrey DeVitto, and have been steadily dating for three years!

Fun Fact: Torrey also had a small role on TVD as a Doctor! (#Awks?)

7. The first time she said “I Love You” was to her childhood dog, Kari.
In an interview a few years ago, Phoebe admitted that the first time she said “I love you” was “probably” to her childhood pup, Kari – a golden retriever! Aww, how adorable is that!?

8. Her life motto is, “Be The Change”
Phoebe has said that the motto she likes to live by is “Be The Change” [you want to see in the world]. A look through her social media shows you how truly she lives by that. Her Twitter feed is full of her efforts to “be the change” as she uses her platform to speak out on the big issues in the world right now. She’s a big advocate for clean eating and healthy lifestyles, which leads us to our penultimate Phoebe fact…

9. She runs a website with other BFF Teresa Palmer on Healthy Living.
Phoebe and Teresea (pictured above in a photoshoot the two did for Vogue a few years ago) are both the ladies behind the health website Your Zen Life. Full of tips and tricks for everything from healthy eating, to a healthy mental life, Your Zen Life was founded by the ladies in 2011. The girls both regularly write for the site, in addition to the site taking contributions and community posts. The site features a “Tez Talk” section with Teresa, plenty of posts and YouTube Vids and has been going strong four years.

10. She’s a Dancer!
In addition to being a brilliant actress and beautiful model, Phoebe is a trained dancer! At the age of four, Phoebe studied Contemporary, Tap, Hip-Hop and Classical Ballet! There aren’t many videos of her dancing, but her Instagram still shows how heavily she’s into the profession, and just how could she is.

So that’s it for this Phoebe fact-filled post! A massive Happy Birthday to the gorgeous birthday girl, and here’s to The Originals Season 4!

Published July 11, 2016
by Christina Tenisha Small