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It’s unclear what the future holds for Hayley following The Originals‘ third season finale, but Phoebe Tonkin is ready for whatever’s coming her way — as long as it isn’t too dangerous.

Speaking to TVLine on the red carpet at The CW’s Upfront presentation, Tonkin admitted she doesn’t always have as much fun filming action scenes as we do watching them.

“The boys love it,” she conceded. “Andy [Lees] does so many stunts himself — like, really intense stunts — and so does Joe [Morgan]. They’re really good at it. I’m like, ‘I’m good!’ … Knowing me, I’ll do one stunt and break my arm, because I’m so clumsy.”

We also asked Tonkin for her thoughts on baby Hope, specifically what she thinks her on-screen daughter’s first word will be. (Here’s a hint: It’s the exact opposite answer executive Michael Narducci gave us last week.)

Published May 26, 2016
by Andy Swift