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Stormi Bree and Phoebe Tonkin imagine their perfect L.A. days with the fashion legend.

Like most things in fashion and culture, we are finding ourselves drifting towards the West Coast more and more. Suddenly the sun and sand aren’t the only main attractions drawing creatives to L.A., and we couldn’t be happier to jump on board. With a whole new lens being shone on the city, we were thrilled to have two amazing guides take us around town.

Stormi Bree and Phoebe Tonkin each toted us (along with their CHANEL Gabrielle bags) around the city to talk about where they go and, if they could, where they would take the legendary Gabrielle herself on an ideal day in L.A.

After a rather spiritual morning spent with Stormi, we went to the other side of town—Venice Beach. Armed with Coveteur-alum Phoebe Tonkin, we walked between the canals and the beach filled with tarot card readers, graffiti, and rollerbladers galore—it doesn’t get more L.A. than that! Below, Phoebe’s take on Coco…

If Gabrielle Chanel was alive today, how do you think she would wear the Gabrielle bag?
“I think she would wear it across both shoulders, as she is a woman on the go, and wearing it this way allows her to move comfortably from fitting to meeting to cocktail party.”

What would her coffee order be?
“Café au Lait!”

Who do you think her best friend would be?
“Gabrielle was a big advocate of the arts, so I would like to think she would be friends with strong, creative women like Sam Taylor Johnson and Sofia Coppola, and intelligent, powerful women like Arianna Huffington.”

If you could bring her along on your perfect day, where would you take her?
“A morning horse ride in the canyons, a coffee and a pastry and a newspaper in the sun, and a dinner
at my house with lots of beautiful red wine and local ingredients.”

What do you think she would say about the current wave of feminism?
“Gabrielle Chanel was a real pioneer in terms of feminism. She was before her time in terms of being a strong, educated woman who didn’t let the men in her world dictate her views or actions.”

What L.A. neighborhood would she live in or be?
“I can imagine her wanting to host dinner parties in the Hills of Hollywood, looking down on the beautiful lights in the evening.”

What iconic L.A. hotel would she be most likely to be found lounging in?
“The Chateau Marmont.”

What would she drive?
“She wouldn’t drive. She would be driven.”

Published April 20, 2017
by Stephanie Mark