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Death is always around the corner on The Originals, but even after taking a couple days to deal with Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) sudden and tragic demise, we’re still not over it.

It’s hard not to keep replaying Hayley’s whispered, “Elijah,” her defeated look at Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), then slow realization of what had to happen. Is there no end to this AGONY?!

As far as deaths go, this one seriously rocks the foundation of the show, not just because of the effect it will have on The Mikaelson family, but for the future of New Orleans too. A war is brewing between the vampires Greta (Nadine Lewington) recruited and the rest of the supernatural community in the French Quarter, and Hayley’s death looks like it could be the match that will set this whole powder keg ablaze, with Klaus and his siblings right at the center of it.

As for the rest of Hayley’s story this season, Phoebe Tonkin says there’s still more to come, especially where Hope is concerned. “Without giving too much away, my final scene [of filming] was with my daughter Hope. Hayley’s journey throughout all five seasons was to protect her child, and it was nice to wrap up the show that way too.”

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess in what form that scene will take place (ghost, dream, flashback, whatever — you never really know with The Originals), but at least we know there’s a pretty decent chance it will leave us all in tears.

It does seem likely we’ll have to face a final farewell for this mother-daughter duo though, since the chances of Hayley making any appearances on Hope’s spin-off, Legacies, are not great.

“I think Hayley’s story was properly explored both over the course of The Vampire Diaries, and over the five seasons of Originals,” Tonkin said in response to TV Guide’s inquiry about her role in the upcoming spin-off. “I think Legacies will have its own new adventures with its own new characters and storylines.”

Published June 4, 2018
by Lindsay MacDonald