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A little about the EJF organization:

At EJF’s core is a simple but powerful belief: we all depend on the natural environment for our livelihoods and well-being, and that environmental security is a basic human right.

For millions of people around the world, environmental degradation means hunger, poverty and vulnerability.

From the loss of natural forests to the destruction of our oceans and climate change, it is the most vulnerable, marginalised and disempowered communities that bear the brunt.

We’re working with, and for, those on the frontlines of environmental destruction to investigate, document and expose environmental and human rights abuses. We take local fights to the very heart of governments and business across the world to secure lasting, global change.

Hello, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed 30 Days of Phoebe. Now, I hope you all enjoy some additional photos from Phoebe’s photoshoot with Veni Magazine along with some upgrades to some previously posted photos.

For our 29th day celebrating Phoebe, I have three upgrades to photos from Frame’s 5th Anniversary Dinner that Phoebe attended in 2018.