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Huge thank you to phoebetstory and Steph!

Huge thanks to phoebetstory and Steph for their help!

Phoebe Tonkin is the first. She is the absolute original Matteau Muse. She’s someone we’ve known forever and admired even longer, a woman who inspires us every time we see her. Even if she wasn’t a part of the family, she represents the kind of woman that we will always love.

Whether she’s filming in Melbourne, Montauk or LA, or front row at The Grand Palais as an ambassador of Chanel, Phoebe makes things come to life. She said 2018 completely changed her trajectory creatively. “Just emotionally things shifted for me. My work challenged and inspired me every day. It also made me realize the power in meaningful filmmaking, and appreciate the feeling of being a part of something collaborative.”

Despite the success, she is openly wrestling with what it means to be so visible and what she can do to contribute that visibility to the things that matter to her. “I don’t understand why it’s become such a fad to be a feminist, or an activist,” she said. “Shouldn’t we always have given a shit about the world and our place in it?”

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Matteau also shared some new outtakes of Phoebe.

Phoebe was pretty busy last night as she attended two different fashion events. I’ve also added one photo from a private dinner she attended for Frame’s Aspen Vacation last week. A huge thank you to Claudia, Steph and Ana for their help!

Yesterday, Phoebe hit the Aspen slopes then attended another Frame event. A huge thank goes to phoebetstory for their help!