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For for our final day of 30 Days of Phoebe, I have uploaded the remaining deleted scenes from the Originals to our video site. This includes season 1 and season 4’s deleted scenes. So, if you haven’t been able to see them on youtube because you’re geo-blocked, hopefully, you’ll get to see them now! I hope you all enjoy!

Click the image or here to see the videos!

On our seventh day celebrating Phoebe, I bring you two new stills and a poster from her projects Bait and Bloom.

You might have noticed that the last three sets of screencaps are now watermarked. I will continue to watermark all screencaps until stops stealing them from my site. I’ve now sent them three messages and they’ve ignored me so far. I hate watermarking screencaps, but I spend hours working on them and frankly it’s messed up that they continually steal my labor.