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Inspired by the true story of the Fox Sisters. This 9-episode swirling family epic (starring Carey Mulligan) follows the infamous mediums as they rise to fame in the 19th century when they begin conjuring up the dead… and inadvertently spawn a new religion: Spiritualism. (Imdb)

Phoebe has been cast as character Adelaide Granger

Hello, everyone! Things have been pretty quiet over here and I apologize for that. If you follow us on instagram, you might have seen that right before Christmas my dad went into the hospital (not covid-related). He got out for Christmas, but went back in recently (again, not covid-related). Hopefully, with his healthy stabilizing, I will be making some more regular updates on some content missing from the site.

In the mean time, I’ve added some new photos from LesJour’s 2020 Collection along with promotional photos that Phoebe has released. Plus, LesJour tops are 20% off until January 17th (two more days at the time of writing this).

On our twentieth day of Phoebemas, I give to you over 200 screencaptures from Breakfast with Phoebe.

And for those who might have missed it, here’s the video:

On our eighth day of Phoebemas, I give to you 138 HD screencaptures from 3 of Phoebe’s R.M. William videos.

For today’s celebration of Phoebe, I bring her fourth and final MBFWA Diary for Vogue.

On Day Four Vogue’s guest blogger documents getting ready and attending drinks for Net-a-Porter. In this coverage, Phoebe wears Josh Groot, Gucci, Jan Logan, Alex Perry, Ellery, and Michael Lo Sordo.