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Will anyone try to take Klaus to task in Season 3?
Absolutely. Elijah has not had his last words with Kaus. And there may not ever be a forgiveness there. Elijah is still with Klaus only because Hayley asked him to make sure that Hope is watched over and raised well.

Now that Hayley is trapped mostly in wolf form, will Phoebe Tonkin still be a regular on the show?
We don’t want her stuck howling at the moon! Between the fact that she’s indeed still human during the full moon and some crafty witches, her chances of getting of this predicament are pretty good. I just don’t how nice it’s going to be for anybody once she is successful in returning full-time to human form. Especially for Klaus!

Will Hayley and her equally cursed werewolf husband, Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons), be together when the show returns?
I love them as a couple. We rarely do sweet and simple – what I call Mr. Darcy epic romances – so it’s nice to have their story.

That relationship certain annoys Klaus, doesn’t it?
Yes, and it’s awesome. As is anything that gets under Klaus’s skin – or provides a roadblock for poor Elijah, who in his noble way thinks he would never do anything to disrupt the wedding vow that Hayley’s made, even though he’s deeply in love with her. That’s going to be a nice struggle for him next season.


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