Welcome to Phoebe Tonkin Web, your best and largest source for the incredibly talented Australian actress, model, writer, director, and producer, Phoebe Tonkin. Phoebe is best known for her work as Cleo Sertori on the children's fantasy series, H2O: Just Add Water and as Hayley Marshall on the CW's The Originals. Phoebe's latest television project, Boy Swallows Universe, premiered on Netflix to critical acclaim. Her work on BSU led to her eventual casting in the upcoming Aussie crime series The Dark Lake. Our site aims to bring you the latest news on Phoebe and her career along with providing a comprehensive gallery of her work and appearances. We hope you enjoy the site and come back soon! b

Phoebemas 2022 – Day Three

[ Written on December 16 2022 by Sarah ]

On the third day of Phoebemas, we give to you a clip from the director’s cut of the Originals’ pilot.

Phoebemas 2020 – Day 12

[ Written on December 13 2020 by Sarah ]

So sorry, yesterday, I got very busy and missed Phoebemas, but that just means you get double today!

On our twelfth day of Phoebemas, I give to you 17 screencaps of the gag reel from season 5 of the Originals, plus the full gag reel itself.

Phoebemas 2020 – Day 7

[ Written on December 07 2020 by Sarah ]

On our seventh day of Phoebemas, I give to you 2 exclusive behind the scenes photos from the Originals along with 2 dvd covers and 4 posters from seasons 1, 2, and 4.

12 Days of Phoebemas – Day 5

[ Written on December 17 2019 by Sarah ]

On our fifth day of Phoebemas, I give to you new Posters & Still from Billionaire Ransom & The Originals!

30 Days of Phoebe – Day 30

[ Written on July 11 2019 by Sarah ]

For for our final day of 30 Days of Phoebe, I have uploaded the remaining deleted scenes from the Originals to our video site. This includes season 1 and season 4’s deleted scenes. So, if you haven’t been able to see them on youtube because you’re geo-blocked, hopefully, you’ll get to see them now! I hope you all enjoy!

Click the image or here to see the videos!

Phoebemas Day Four – ‘The Originals’ Season Two Promo + SDCC Photobooth

[ Written on December 17 2018 by Sarah ]

On the fourth day of Phoebemas, I give you a missing season two promotional photo from The Originals and some cute photobooth pictures Phoebe, Leah, and Danielle took at SDCC 2014.

The Originals – 5×13 ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ Screencaps

[ Written on August 03 2018 by Sarah ]

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