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My Day on a Plate: Phoebe Tonkin

[ Written on September 07 2015 by Sarah ]

You might recognize this Aussie-born beauty from her pivotal roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals but she’s so much more than the bloodsucking characters she plays. She’s a health and wellness blogger and co-creator (alongside her Aussie bestie Teresa Palmer) of Your Zen Life, and she’s the first Aussie to feature in Witchery Balance’s Women in Motion series — oh, and one half of the cutest couple in the history of loved-up couples! We spoke to Phoebe Tonkin to find out how she stays healthy and what her day on a plate looks like, exactly.

“It’s always varied because my shooting schedule is so erratic, but I start the day with a big glass of water and a coffee. Then I like to eat Ezekiel toast with apple butter.”

“I like to eat hummus and carrots and rice crackers, or tahini for a snack before lunch.

“I found out I have a bunch of food allergies, one of them being to chocolate, which feels like a sick joke, but it’s not — I used to eat it every single day. Now I eat carob instead, which is fine because my mum pretended it was chocolate when I was a baby — so eating carob still feels like a treat. So in the afternoon I eat carob and maybe a green juice if I feel like I haven’t had enough salad for lunch.”

“If I’m at work I have a chicken stir-fry. I just bought a rice cooker, which is a lot of fun, I have been making brown rice a lot!”

“I have been very into cheese plates recently, so if it’s the weekend and I have friends over, we sit around and drink wine and eat cheese. But normally dinner is grilled salmon, steamed spinach and sweet potato. My friend Nikki taught me that the key to spinach is to steam it first, then add the olive oil and salt after, so it’s not all soggy.”

“I’m not a huge dessert person, but I like to make apple crumbles if I have time, with coconut ice cream. My favourite recipe is Deliciously Ella’s blackberry crumble.”


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