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You can find the whole interview in podcast form on iTunes. Their interview begins about an hour and fourteen minutes into the two hour show.

To celebrate the release of upcoming Stan Original Series, Bloom, Stan and Pedestrian are giving you and a m8 the chance to attend the official launch party where you’ll rub shoulders with lead star and fash icon, Phoebe Tonkin.

The private event is being held at the extremely lush Rushcutters Bay venue, Bar M on Thursday 29th November.

Enjoy canapés and cocktails as Phoebe and co-stars Ryan Corr and Bryan Brown sit down for a Q&A to share exclusive details about the highly-anticipated 6-part drama series.

You’ll then be one of the very first people on the whole damn planet to see the first episode of Bloom before it drops on Stan on New Year’s Day.

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Phoebe Tonkin is one of Australia’s most successful young acting exports. Beginning her career on the Aussie teen series H20: Just Add Water, she gained international fame (and a casual 4.8 million followers on Instagram) from her starring role on The Vampire Diaries and its-spin off, The Originals. Now, with her career in its peak, she has returned to Australia to take on the lead role of young Gwen (with her older self to be played by Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver) on Stan’s new original series, Bloom, premiering on January 1. Below, Phoebe chats all about Bloom, and what it means to be an actor in 2018.

POPSUGAR Australia: Tell us about the premise of Bloom.

Phoebe: The premise is if you have the opportunity to have your youth, energy and vitality back, with the knowledge of being in your sixties or seventies, what would you do differently? Are there any wrongs you would right, any big regrets you had in your life that you would try to make up for, if you had the chance?

PS: You play a character called Gwen – tell us about her!

Phoebe: When we meet Gwen we find out she’s been struggling with dementia for the past few years and so a lot of her memory has gone. But you realise there’s a man she loved once when she was much, much younger, as well as the man she’s still living with now, Ray. She went through some stuff when she was younger and was quite torn between two men she loved very much. You realise as we explore in the series that sometimes our memory is a little foggy and you can romanticise relationships. So, we’ll learn more about the relationship she had with Max and her husband Ray.

PS: What drew you to the character and the show?

Phoebe: I love working in Australia. I think Stan is doing a great job of being a strong competitor to big American cable shows. I thought the premise was really interesting and unique, and I thought the creatives involved – [director] John Curran is someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time – and all the Australian actors are people I’ve always looked up to. But yeah, the premise was just really different, and I think it’s very bold for Australian drama.

When you’re a world famous actress and social media sensation, people tend to ask you a lot of the same questions: What is your workout routine? How do you get your skin so glowing? And while we were curious to ask our November cover star, Phoebe Tonkin, these questions (you can read up on those here), we also wanted to get into something a little… meatier.

Because Phoebe Tonkin is not only hugely eloquent and well-spoken, but she also has a lot to say. Like how she choses to use her substantial Instagram following (4.7 million and counting) to give a platform to causes she’s passionate about. Or how she values the creative inspiration of her female friendships. Or how her Mum taught her to try her hand at everything—even if she didn’t nail it first go—a lesson she carries with her to this day.

In short: Phoebe Tonkin is wise beyond her 29 years—which is why we wanted a glimpse at her hard-learned wisdom. Touching on everything from digital detoxing to her unique approach to beauty and self-care, watch Phoebe Tonkin’s best life advice above.