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Phoebe Interviewed on Climate Change for 10 Australia

[ Written on February 25 2020 by Sarah ]

Phoebe was interviewed for the 15th issue of 10 Australia. A photograph of the article was posted on instagram, I have typed it up for all of you to better read it. Enjoy!

She is the one. We love her on screen (check out that IMDb profile) and she is even better in real life. Her heart of gold and passion inspires us to make changes to the way we live. So, as members of her audience we applaud and give a standing ovation.

How are you using your voice to urgently help effect change?
Learning, reading, processing and sharing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful, but I am focusing on solutions rather than panic. Having such a large platform to share ideas and encourage others to use their own voices and platforms is something I feel very fortunate to have. I do feel like it’s my responsibility to use social media in a way that is both positive and inspiring.

What five words would you choose for your protest banner?
Please don’t fuck this up.

What are your hopes for a better future?
Awareness, common-sense laws preventing coal mining, and an end to single-use plastic. I would hope that all political parties can come together to fight climate change together.

What are your thoughts on the “Greta effect”?
Even thought many have come before her, it’s still important, especially for the younger generation, to have a figure to learn from and be inspired by. That a teenager is working harder to secure a healthy planet than most politicians is both inspiring and also maddening.

What is the most important thing you have taken away from your Heron Island experience with the Climate Council?
The urgency of the situation. We need to start reversing the damage immediately. This isn’t just affecting the future of the planet, it’s affecting communities, especially Indigenous Australians, right now, and will only worsen. [Another thing is] the power we have over banks – learning about divestment as an incredibly powerful way to persuade banks not to support coal mining.

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