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Phoebe on Kicking Career Goals and Australia Fashion

[ Written on February 01 2018 by Sarah ]

The Originals actress hits Australia just in time to celebrate at the MAAS Ball.

As Phoebe Tonkin arrives in Sydney to celebrate the first Museum of Applied Arts and Science Fashion Ball at The Powerhouse Museum tonight in partnership with Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter, we couldn’t resist the chance to grab time with the Australian actress for the brief moment she’s on our shores to discuss fashion and career in 2018.

How does it feel to be back in Australia for the MAAS Ball?
“I haven’t been back for almost a year, and I missed out in coming back for Christmas, so It has been really nice to see friends and family and go to the beach, and also be here for the first MAAS Ball.”

What is it about Australian fashion that you feel sets it apart from the rest of the world?
“The focus is on quality, easy, well-tailored pieces. I never feel like Australian fashion follows trends, but instead focuses on how best our fashion integrates into our lifestyle, and not the other way around.”

Which designers, Australian or not, are you investing in for the season ahead and what pieces are you looking for?
“I always like to buy good quality cotton Tees at Bassike. I also just came across Jordan Askill’s beautiful jewellery too.”

What do you miss about Australia when you’re not here?
“Waking up and jumping in the ocean, and drying off in the sun with a latte”.

What acting projects are you working on and looking forward to in 2018?
“I just finished working on the The Affair, in America, but I am most excited about Safe Harbour, which is a four part mini-series airing in March on SBS. I shot it last year and it’s a project I am incredibly proud of.”

Talk us through the process you go through in deciding which roles you want to take on.
“I spent a long time in one place playing the same role, and I am excited to branch out and have the opportunity to play more diverse, rich roles in a variety of projects, as opposed to just the one. I gravitate towards more grounded projects, and I would love to keep working in Australia.”

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? And who gave it to you?
“Someone said to me many, many years ago, ‘Just make it about the work’, which I have applied countless times in my life. Also, ‘never jump the lunch line, the crew work a lot harder than you do’–my old tutor Rob Bailey taught me that one and that’s an invaluable piece of advice!”


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