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She’s played a witch, a mermaid, a werewolf and various other characters throughout her career and now Phoebe Tonkin has taken on perhaps her most dynamic role yet with Stan Original Series Bloom.

A few months back, I was lucky enough to fly to Clunes, a stunning small town in outback Victoria, to visit the set of the highly anticipated drama series.

During my visit, I sat down with Tonkin to discuss the show and her character, Gwen.

“There are three versions of Gwen: there’s Gwen in the past, then there’s Gwen who Jacki Weaver‘s playing which is Gwen when she’s suffering from alzheimer’s and the Gwen that I play is a sort of rejuvenated version of her who’s compelled and possessed by this great regret that she had in her life which is that she never had a baby,” she said.

“And that’s been really fun to play with. She is still herself but she has this drive in her that’s making her make these choices that probably weren’t the choices she would have made back in the day.”

I then asked her if there were aspects of her character’s personality that she related to and she admitted that she poetically shares Gwen’s same regret.

“I mean, I want a baby one day. That’s one similarity,” she says with a laugh.

“Obviously she’s an actress and was a successful actress when she was younger and made a lot of sacrifices including that she never had a child for her career and as an actress myself I can relate to making sacrifices for my career which I’ve definitely done in the last few years of working so that’s probably the biggest thing that I relate to.”

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