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The days are long
“That’s something people kind of forget. Sometimes we do 16-hour days or we drive out to these crazy locations that are an hour away. As fun and as cool as it is, people forget just how much work goes into shooting television shows. It’s not something people talk about very much.”

She’s open to doing another television show after The Originals
“I’m going back to do the fourth season of The Originals in July, I’ll be doing that for another season and then I’m not sure exactly how many more seasons it’ll go for. I love working in television and I’m excited to have the opportunity to explore other characters. I’d love to do another TV show in the future as well.”

Why she loves working in television
“It is such a great medium and it’s really nice to have like, a stable job! You can do what you love every day and not do it just for three months. You work for extended periods of time and you create a family with the people you work with. It’s really nice.”

But if it wasn’t an acting career, she’d look towards the fashion and media industry
“If I wasn’t acting I would want to work for a magazine in a more creative direction. I loved that kind of stuff at school.”


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