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Phoebe Shares Photo Diary from Paris Women’s March

[ Written on April 05 2017 by Sarah ]

Phoebe Tonkin joined millions of people around the world protesting for women’s rights in January when she hit the streets of LA with a “the future is female” slogan stamped across her chest. So, when the opportunity to join French women in solidarity last week in Paris on International Women’s Day, she was the first to don a red beret and front up to La Republique.

“Coincidentally, it was my one free day,” says the actress, who was in the city for Paris Fashion Week. “I would have done something similar in LA or NYC had I not been in Paris. Having done the women’s march in January, it feels really important to me to show up to these events and rally together with others in solidarity. The energy at both the March in downtown LA and that of the rally at Republique were the same—a lot of joy, support, and unity.”

While Tonkin doesn’t speak a word of French, she says the atmosphere was one of positivity. “There was something quite musical about the combination of drums and chants in a foreign language. But even though I couldn’t translate exactly what was being said, I understood the sentiment. There was a great moment when all these women held hands and did a choreographed dance. There was a very sweet man handing out free cups of mint tea, and there were some women who had brought homemade baked goods. Everyone there just wanted to support each other and come together to celebrate women.”

With camera in hand, Tonkin documented the moment and shares her personal snaps here with ELLE.com.au. The message she took away: “That women’s rights, and equality, are global issues. That what is happening domestically in the USA affects women around the world. That posing hateful rhetoric and sexist comments will not be tolerated by anyone, no matter what country they live in. And that women, young and old, are the greatest supporters of one another.” Hear, hear!

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