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Only a portion of the April 8 episode of “The Originals” will be set in Mystic Falls, as there are plenty of other storylines to follow, including the deepening drama with the recently returned and bloodthirsty Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Klaus investigating something related to Lucien (Andrew Lees).

Before all that happens though, next Friday’s episode of “The Originals” is on the way and it will feature some interesting interactions between Hayley and Klaus. Just don’t expect the parents, who are attempting to disappear, to be living the high life.

“Everybody would expect Klaus Mikaelson, who can compel anyone and who’s used to really lavish accommodations and being able to do whatever he wants — you might find him at the penthouse of a beautiful high rise in Downtown Manhattan. But instead, Hayley goes the other way. ‘We’re trying to hide from people who want their revenge against you and who knows what they’ll do, so we’re just going to disappear and we’re going to embrace the werewolf side of the hybrid nature.’ And she takes him back to… her old stomping grounds from back in the day before she even came into contact with Tyler,” Narducci said of the April 1 episode.

Their journey will take them to the place where Hayley discovered “what it means to be a werewolf,” the EP said. Klaus and Hayley will also get into a long overdue parenting discussion.

“We’re going to see basically Hayley and Klaus have a pretty intense debate over what’s best for their family, what’s best for them, and what’s best for their child and it’s kind of a turning point in their relationship and a kind of philosophical debate about how they will raise their daughter,” he said. “I find it fascinating. I think the acting in that story line is just phenomenal. They really did a great job, and it’s been a story line that we have wanted to address for a very long time and this was a great opportunity to do it and I really enjoyed seeing those two together.”

Although they are trying to stay in hiding (from all of those coming for Klaus now that his sire line has been broken), there probably won’t be any role playing when they encounter others.

“It’s a little bit of, ‘We’re two badasses and you guys shouldn’t ask a lot of questions.’ It’s a little bit of that. They’re not introducing each other as their significant others or anything like that, but they are in this together and they have to figure out a way to relate to one another,” he said. “And they haven’t spent a lot of time together in a while, so this was an opportunity to put them on a road trip, put them together, have Klaus see a little bit more about Hayley’s life before he knew her and what that might mean for going forward with regard to how they would raise their daughter together,” Narducci said.



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