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To rounnd out our Bloom updates, I’ve added stills from episodes four and six of Bloom. Beware there might be some spoilers in the final three episodes, so proceed at your own caution!

Hello, everyone! I have uploaded the rest of the screencaps for season 2 of Bloom to our gallery. Be forewarned if you have not seen the second season there are MAJOR spoilers.

To give people more time to watch the series, we will not be releasing screencaps from the back half (episodes 4-6) until later next week. For now, enjoy screencaps from episodes 1-3.

I’ve added over twenty high quality stills from episode three of Bloom. Enjoy! Also, if you don’t follow us on instagram already, be sure to check our page here. We post previews of upcoming additions!

For this update, I’ve added over thirty high quality stills to the gallery. Stay tuned over the next few days for more stills and screencaps!