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Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin has garnered an unrivaled international fan-following by playing everything from a mermaid, to a werewolf and even an ELLE Australia cover girl.

But Tonkin is wrapping up 2018 with possibly her most fascinating role yet, as Gwen Reed on Stan’s original series, Bloom.

Described as a gothic fairy tale, the six-part series ventures into questions surrounding the pursuit of eternal youth and the fragility of life.

Bloom first introduces Gwen as an ailing, frail elder played by Australian screen legend Jackie Weaver, before she is bestowed with a “miracle” fruit, that reinstates her youthful self, played by Tonkin.

Ahead of the show’s premiere on January 1st, we sat down with the Chanel face and got her to address some of the most-Googled terms surrounding her name.

That’s the number one search? Can I say no comment?

No…diet’s an ugly word.

We’ve known each other for a long time. She’s a power house. She is so inspiring; not just her work ethic and how she’s obviously so talented, but through the years has truly been a real champion for getting [actors and actresses] together. She loves having barbeques and stuff, she’s just so cool.

I remember hearing that Heath Ledger, as he started getting more successful, he was really inclusive and made sure that everyone felt part of the community and I would say she’s taken that baton a little bit. She really surrounds herself with really great, inspiring, creative people from all facets of life with all different careers and puts them all together. I think that’s really admirable.

Yeah I would love that! I think my dream for the next few years is just to work with people who I look up to, whether that’s actors, directors to writers and that sort of started for the last few years. I was just trying to find projects that really spoke to me and that I kind of really wanted to sink my teeth into.

I was only on that for a few episodes, because obviously then I went and did The Originals for five years. I mean yeah, it was great. That was sort of my home and family for six years of my life and I lived in Atlanta… I loved Atlanta. I love the south, I love Southern American states. I just loved living there. But yeah it was great, it was an amazing experience. I made amazing friends and I learnt a lot, but I was excited to explore other opportunities after that.


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