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‘Bloom’ causes you to think about the scarcity of time, the fragility of life and the decisions that define us

Life is arbitrary; it could be fleeting, it could be extraordinary, it could be riddled with pain. But however the cards are dealt, it should always be meaningful. Stan will drop it’s highly-anticipated mystery drama Bloom on New Year’s Day, a six-part television series that will have you pondering your present and question if you are living your fullest life.

When a freak flood annihilates a small Australian country town – and kills five residents – it leaves behind a super plant which, if ingested, has the power to temporarily restore your youth. This means those who take it have the opportunity to right a wrong, to fix a regret or to keep a loved one alive. But what it can also do is change the course of life forever.

Ray (played by acting legend Bryan Brown) is a retired astronomer who is taking care of his actress wife Gwen (played by Academy Award nominee Jacki Weaver) whose memory has been ravaged due to early on-set Alzheimer’s disease. When Ray comes across the super drug, he has a chance of saving Gwen and gives her the plant bulb to swallow. When she wakes up, she is her young self (played by Phoebe Tonkin) but she’s driven to rehash things with an old flame, Max, a farmer who lost all his cattle in the flood and never stopped loving her. Will this impulse tear her and Ray apart? On the other side of town is Sam (played by Ryan Corr). He’s wild, brash and fancy-free. And with that, he comes across a young Gwen.

If you had a second chance to go back, what would you do? We sat down with Tonkin and Corr in Sydney and put that very question to them.


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